Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping Ready to Set Sail

There is a new option for reliable yacht transport. Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping provides yacht owners a safe and reliable alternative to transport their vessels along scheduled shipping lines aboard Grieg Star ships. The first shipping departs between August 20 to Sept. 5 from Vancouver, B.C.

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping Ready to Set Sail
Seattle, WA, July 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The world of yacht shipping has changed forever with the arrival of Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping (Ship Raven). Ship Raven is a direct provider offering liner-style service for anyone wanting to ship their vessel (yacht, sailboat, sport fish or commercial) between the East and West Coasts of North America to several worldwide destinations. With their first transport beginning August 20, 2013 from Vancouver, BC, anyone wanting to ship their vessel safely, reliably and on schedule now has a new choice -- Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping.

“We provide our customers with absolute peace of mind when shipping with us,” said Anthony Utley, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Ship Raven. “Thanks to strategic partnerships we’ve created with Grieg Star Shipping and Marine Heavy Lift Services (MHL), we are able to utilize only the best ships and safest loadmasters in the business.”

For each transport, Ship Raven exclusively charters the decks of Grieg’s L-Class Ships (paid-in-full), virtually eliminating any third-party issues. Grieg Star has fixed-base cargo contracts and solid sailing schedules, further reducing any hassles or worries about when their vessel will arrive. Utilizing the world-class lift on/lift off services of MHL, Raven’s loadmasters have successfully loaded more than 8,000 yachts and, according to Lloyds’ underwriters, have the highest safety records in the industry. In addition, most are also trained as engineers to further ensure safe loading and offloading of all vessels as cargo.

"We support Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping and are committed to providing a superior level of service and reliability to the industry," said Chris Atkinson, Inbound Manager Grieg Star Vancouver.

The team members at Ship Raven, established earlier this year, are hardly newcomers to the shipping industry. The founders of the company together have more than 22 years in the cargo shipping industry. With the added background as both captain and Cargo Insurance professional, Co-Founder, Rick Gladych also brings a keen eye for related risks and challenges with yacht shipping, providing an added layer of customer service for his clients.

Why should someone wanting to ship a vessel choose Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping? In a word…Reliability. “If you book--we ship, period,” continued Gladych. “We encourage all potential customers to check us out because a well-educated consumer will be our best customer.”

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping is a direct service provider in the yacht as cargo shipping sector. They provide reliably scheduled ships, all lifting gear, cradling, specialist loadmasters and other tangible assets to move yachts between the East and West Coasts of North America. Their decks are available to yacht owners, freight forwarders and consolidators.

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping * 2148 Westlake Avenue North* Seattle, WA 98109 * 206-749-0300 * 800-931-8969 * www.shipraven.com * info@shipraven.com

Grieg Star, in business for more than 129 years, is part of the privately owned Grieg Group and is a fully integrated shipping company and owner of one of the world’s largest open hatch fleets. In addition, the company operates a fleet of conventional dry bulk carriers as well as manages a financial investment portfolio. Grieg Star also own Squamish Terminals in British Columbia. Operating worldwide, we have offices in USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.

Grieg Star……900-1111 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 2J3 * 604-661-2000

Marine Heavy Lift Services (MHL)……MHL is the most highly regarded lift-on/lift-off yacht loading service today…with more than 8000+ successful loads. They are considered the safest company in the industry by Lloyds Underwriters. Their services are utilized by the world’s top yacht transport companies.
Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping
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Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping Sets Sail

Raven Offshore Yacht Shipping Sets Sail

There is a new alternative to yacht shipping. Ship Raven offers liner-style service for anyone wanting to ship their vessel with absolute peace of mind and reliable schedules.