What Comes After Tween, Teen, Yuppie and Dinks? That Would be Yolder. A New Demographic Description from Roelresources.com

An author & educator together with an ad man & freelance writer create an online mag and community, and coin a new phrase for the never-old boomers.

Glen Cove, NY, August 13, 2013 --(PR.com)-- “Active seniors” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

As Baby Boomers approach 60, pass it, and head on to Turnpike 70, they look in the rearview mirror and tend to see someone vital, and still ready to trek up Mount Washington or heck, maybe over 7,500 miles to Nepal, only with deep crow’s feet and a few more pounds on the frame than they carried circa 1979.

So when faced with an entire generation that either thinks they’re just like Madonna or Mick Jagger (or at least tries to move like either of them), one shouldn't bring the dreaded ‘senior’ label anywhere near the threadbare, cherished blue jeans, let alone printed on the back on the aging rebel T-shirt. That wouldn't fly.

Boomers' surviving parents are seniors. Grandma and grandpa were surely seniors. But our generation? No way. It just doesn't fit.

So what do you call people who are 50 to 75 who think they are 15 or 25 years younger than their chronological age? Wishkers? (wishful thinkers), or UFOs? (Unbelievably Foolish). At Roel Resources, they're called Yolders, the young old.

The online mag's two editors recently introduced the term on their website, Roel Resources (www.roelresources.com), a web-based community and information-packed mag for people 40 and way past it. The object is to be upbeat, as well as adventurous. Here’s the article link: http://roelresources.com/is-yolder-a-boulder-or-a-revolutionary-way-to-age/

What inspired a journalist and teacher and his ad man and freelance writing sidekick (that would be Ron Roel and Ken Taub) to create such an online meeting place for conjurers of fresh ideas, clever tips, ways to save money (or sanity), and fiction? A degree of boredom sure, but also a desire to be helpful, catalytic, and let people of a certain age share their hard-earned expertise, wisdom, talents, and travel suggestions.

And there’s more: this site is also an engaged community of ongoing learning, what works and is worth sharing, along with things one can do to elevate their home community and their own life. Editor Ron Roel has always been very big on Community best practices -- proactive endeavors that raise people up to make them happier or healthier, and if not, at least feel more welcome at the town watering hole or local quickie mart.

As for Yolders, the editors think the label should stick. It sure beats UFOs.

For more information go to their website, or contact Ron Roel: roel@optonline.net.
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