Master Intimacy Coach Joanna Kennedy Teaches Comedian Jarod Logan How to Kiss on VH1

Denver, CO, September 17, 2013 --( Master Intimacy Coach Joanna Kennedy makes her national television debut on VH1 teaching comedian Jarod Logan how to kiss and really mean it. Kennedy, Founder of the Center for Happiness, Love & Pleasure, caught the attention of VH1 with DateCamp’s most popular video YouTube video, “Advanced Kissing Techniques,” which took the 25th position on VH1’s 40 Greatest Viral Videos list. This VH1 special program premiered Saturday, September 14th, from 7pm-9pm MT and 9pm-11pm ET with replays all week.

A rising star in the field of intimacy, sexuality and relationships, Kennedy has deeply trained for more than a decade in masculine-feminine dynamics and sacred sexuality. She brings a fresh perspective to both human sexuality and intimate relationships. In her intensely personal workshops, she helps singles and couples create great relationships in which men get to be men and women get to be women.

“Interviewing with Jarod about the DateCamp video was a blast! He was hilarious, totally into the moment, and all about fun on the set,” said Kennedy. “He put me at ease, and I tried to teach him how to dazzle a woman! And of course, he was dazzlingly funny in the process.” Logan/Kennedy Interview

The Center for Happiness, Love & Pleasure offers private coaching, workshops and 90-Day Breakthrough Programs that help liberate men and women to be their genuine selves. “It seems like we should all know how to kiss and make love, but who taught us?” said Kennedy. “Most of us have no idea what we don’t know. With a few lessons, intimacy gets hotter and love gets deeper.”

"Thank you so much! Our sex is hotter, louder and deeper, sometimes slower, and definitely we are growing in skill and awareness. Thank you for doing what you are doing." -Rob Hamilton

VH1’s 40 Greatest Viral Videos is a compilation of hilarious, sometimes shocking, online videos that become overnight sensations. The VH1 team reviewed hundreds of clips and found their absolute favorites to share with their viewers. A few select Viral Video stars like Joanna were invited to make guests appearances on the show. VH1 40 Greatest Viral Videos—Lip Service Advanced Kissing Techniques

Joanna Kennedy founded the Center for Happiness, Love & Pleasure in Boulder, CO, where she helps singles and couples create great relationships. She’s passionate about empowering men to be masterful lovers and partners who make women happy, turn them on, and enjoy great sex together. She helps women find those masterful men and have extraordinary lives where they’re no longer frustrated with men, and they’ve turned up the intimacy. Joanna has studied numerous disciplines over the last decade and is an Accredited Journey Practitioner, a certified Conscious Coach, an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator and a certified Partner Yoga Instructor.
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