BlackJack Handsfree to Feature Its Latest Hands-Free Audio Product the Rock 'N' Talk at SEMA 2013 with 1968 Shelby GT350E Demonstration

Huntington Beach, CA, October 18, 2013 --( BlackJack Handsfree Corp. announced today the availability of the BlackJack Handsfree Corporation's latest hands-free & stereo audio streaming device, the "Rock 'N' Talk" retractable driving cable. A compact non-Bluetooth hands-free and music solution for all Smartphones to be shown at SEMA 2013 in the North Hall lobby area in an amazing, award-winning 1968 Shelby Mustang GT350E this coming November 5-7, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.

Coming off the record-breaking success of BlackJack Handsfree Corp's first handsfree product, the "JupiterJack", sold by Billy Mays, and Anthony Sullivan and featured on the hit TV show on Discovery "Pitchmen", BlackJack Handsfree President, Jason Bobb said, "The Rock 'N' Talk takes our handsfree solution to the next level by adding the convenience of a retractable cord that extends to over 5 feet, and retracts back to fit into the palm of your hand... while providing the safety and convenience of a non-Bluetooth hands-free & streaming audio solution for your Smartphone, iPhone, tablet & more in your car... demonstrating in a beautiful 1968 Shelby at SEMA 2013 this year is the perfect car because it demonstrates how versatile and universal the product really is."

The compact device plugs into the 3.5mm headset jack of any smart phone and uses the phone’s audio in/out for superior handsfree sound quality. The user’s voice is transmitted through the device’s built-in, high clarity microphone and the other party’s voice is transmitted through the radio’s speakers. Consequently, no headset is required for handsfree calling. Any vehicle with a 3.5mm AUX input is compatible.

To operate the Rock 'N' Talk, the user simply plugs the device into a cell phone headset jack, plugs the other end into the vehicle's AUX jack and places or answers a call. For consumers who store their music, movies or stream audio through their Smartphones with apps like Pandora or Spotify, the Rock 'N' Talk allows seamless transition between calls, music, and even navigational apps like Waze all with one simple to use product solution.

"I will be demonstrating how easy the Rock 'N' Talk is to use, and how seamlessly it transitions from one app to another app on your phone without the need for a Bluetooth connection at all. Rental car companies, and people who travel using a different vehicle often find it hard to have their phone synced to all of their handsfree systems and stay legal, with the Rock "N' Talk that frustration simply goes away," said Bobb.

The Rock 'N' Talk by BlackJack Handsfree is easy to use and requires no installation, set up or pairing. It is compatible with every phone in the marketplace, and can be found at,,, and

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the Rock 'N' Talk is just $19.95.

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