Money Journal Survey Shows Americans Lack Drive to be Wealthy

A new Money Journal survey shows that a huge majority of Americans lack the drive to be wealthy.

Las Vegas, NV, October 23, 2013 --( A new survey shows Americans lack the drive that most wealthy people feel they must have to be rich. Less than three in 10 surveyed said they are willing to work hard and as many hours as it takes to become wealthy.

The survey taken exclusively online by Money found that just 29% were willing to do “whatever it takes” to get wealthy. The highest number polled, 43% said they were willing to work 60 hours a week to become wealthy, while 28% or slightly more than one in four said they are willing to work just 40 hours a week to get rich.

The survey demonstrates that most Americans lack the determination and are unwilling to put in the long hours and hard work that most millionaires put into their businesses to become wealthy. The poll also illustrates another disturbing fact may be true, that the majority of Americans lack the initiative that once existed among U.S. citizens to reach the American Dream.

A strong work ethic following World War II lasted for decades, but it seems to have diminished, especially among younger workers, many of whom opt to work less hours than make more money to have more “free time.”

The societal change has had a major impact on the U.S., and produced fewer American entrepreneurs than in many years.

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Mike Colpitts