Launched to Make Buying and Selling Products and Services Feel Right

The developers of a Dubai-based website say they’ve launched a site that takes buying and selling in the Philippines to the next level. Launched to Make Buying and Selling Products and Services Feel Right
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 01, 2013 --( There’s an old adage that says first impressions make lasting impressions, and representatives with a newly launched website called, say the products and services featured on their website, not only leave a lasting impression, but leave unforgettable memories as well.

Allan Salvatierra and Andre Joshua Salvatierra, co-founders of, which officially launched Nov. 1, 2013, explained that the website is a classified ads website that’s specifically designed for the Philippine market.

“It’s for buyers and sellers of various items or services,” the co-founders said in a joint statement. “The items are categorized as for sale, for rent, community, jobs, pinboard and directory.”

The website also has a news service where users can receive the latest local and international news taken from various reputable news sites.

In addition, features a blogging service, where bloggers can share their articles and then create a link that would bring users back to their own site.

But that’s not all., according to the company founders, empowers those who visit the website with a pinboard category, where users can collect and organize materials that mean a lot to them.

“We are also planning to add video sharing services and deal-of-the-day services in the near future,” the founders stressed, before adding, “We live by the brand idea that Baluv is where all the good things you love come together in one beautiful site.”

The founders went on to point out that in the Philippines, the largest website is also a classified ads service.

However, the Baluv founders believe that their services are centered around, paid services to make the ads look more appealing rather than enhancing the user experience.

“We think that this should not be the way to go,” the co-founders noted. “We’re the classified ads website that finally gets it right, not just for the Filipino audience, but on a global scale as well.”

The Baluvers added that is designed to make the buying and selling of products and services feel right, and the thing that really makes it stand out compared to everyone else on the market, is the quality of the website itself.

“The website is so simple and intuitive that younger people would be able use it with ease,” the co-founders said. “The user interface is so beautiful and the way the ads are being presented is so wonderful that it feels like you are using an online social sharing site rather than an online classified ads service.”, which is geared toward individuals who want to sell items or offer a service online, and those looking to receive the latest news around the globe, also features a social media sharing tool, which is available on all pages and located on the upper right hand corner of the page that will increase the likelihood of the item being seen and purchased.

The site also has an integrated GMaps module to assist in providing specific location information for the buyer. One that’s not currently available among existing classified ads websites in the country.

“We are taking buying and selling in the Philippines to another level, and we believe that the Filipino people deserve to use great quality products as opposed to settling on using mediocre products,” the co-founders said. “We care about how people are using our site more than we care about making money out of this. We believe that people will immediately feel the love that we put into bringing all of this together once they start using our site.”

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