World’s First-Ever Textbook on the Chemistry of Love

Building on the shoulders of Bacon, Newton, Goethe, and others, with their theories on amorous chemical affinities (the "force of reaction"), American chemical engineer Libb Thims tackles one of the world’s present-day greatest philosophical conundrums, “what is love?”, by writing the first-ever two-volume textbook on the chemistry of interpersonal relationships.

World’s First-Ever Textbook on the Chemistry of Love
Chicago, IL, September 27, 2007 --( Human Chemistry (two volumes) - the new science of life, work, relationships, and evolution.

In 2001, a young seven-year old Jason, from Glenside Weldon, Pa, sent the following query to the Physics Van Outreach Program at the College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: “is love a purely chemical reaction?” The answer he received was “there’s something more to it than simple chemistry.” In opposition to this incorrect answer, Thims’ 824-page Human Chemistry (inspired into inception by Jason’s query), gives the correct answer to this question, namely that love is a purely chemical reaction, absolutely.

American reader Christine Lombardi comments on Thims’ Human Chemistry: “we talk about putting ‘work’ into our relationships all the time—and bringing it to that next level of scientific explanation, is to me what’s been the most applicable.” Russian physical chemist Georgi Gladyshev, author of the exceptional 1998 book Thermodynamic Theory on the Evolution of Living Beings, surmises: “(Thims) brilliant book symbolizes the beginning of a new era (epoch) in human history.”

Thims’ Human Chemistry will likely be a standard issue read in high schools and colleges world-wide in the years to come. Book information can be found in the following links:

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