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Wooden Glasses of Ozeal: a New Choice in Buying Eyeglasses Online 2014

London, United Kingdom, February 28, 2014 --(PR.com)-- It is still unknown what will really take the lead of fashion trends in 2014. But eco fashion is most likely to win in this race. This eco-friendly fashion house has been an eternal lover of fashion-forward designers since it debuted at New York City’s famed Fashion Week in February 2005. Of course, Ozeal Glasses designers with their keen fashion sense are not going to miss it which explains why Ozeal wooden glasses would be definitely a new yet good choice when buying eyeglasses online in 2014.

Ozeal Glasses, this London-based online eyeglasses shop, has brought its customers enough surprises, whether its the high quality prescription glasses, the great price or professional but friendly customer service. This year, Ozeal Glasses brings a new eyeglasses collection: wooden glasses which are born for eco fashion.

Compared to eyeglasses made from plastics, various metals and alloys, wooden glasses cater to the environmental protection concept in modern society as they can reduce possible pollution and remind the public of the importance of environmental protection. Besides, owing to the natural material applied, prescription glasses made from wood are almost of non-maleficence and not inclined to fade or get out-of-shape.

“Made from wood, made for good mood,” Ozeal wooden glasses not only stand out for their ecological design but also their stylish top-of-line handmade wood frame. Inspired from the retro style, Ozeal wooden glasses take simplicity and elegance to the extreme. The natural wood frames together with all kind of stylish fronts ranging from trendy tortoiseshell to simple yet timeless black will meet any fashion taste of their wearers. Named Sagawa Fujii, each pair of the wooden glasses collection is brimming with Japanese style. It would be a new fashion to wear such a pair of vintage prescription glasses featuring traditional rectangle frame, classic round frame or cool aviator frame.

What’s more, the superb craftsmanship of Ozeal wooden glasses enables them to defeat other eyeglasses online for their uniqueness and exquisiteness. Each pair of Ozeal wooden glasses is exclusive for their unique wood frame and handmade process.

Perfectly combining eco fashion and retro style, Ozeal wooden glasses are absolutely qualified to be a vogue-vane in 2014. Learn more about wooden glasses or Ozeal Glasses at http://www.ozealglasses.co.uk/wooden-glasses.
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