Brandon Lee Rudat and Brian Townley Release “Chiseling a Leader” on DVD

The dynamic collaboration of Rudat and Townley has been captured in this 50 minute DVD which explores the facets of real leaders. Character comes from a Greek word meaning “chisel”. Revealing the core values of a leader requires a chiseling process that removes pretenses and exposes the true traits of a leader. In this enlightening program, Brandon and Brian bring powerful messages of developing leadership skills to inspire personal and professional excellence.

Brandon Lee Rudat and Brian Townley Release “Chiseling a Leader” on DVD
Woodway, TX, March 05, 2014 --( Professional development specialist and leadership author Brian Townley and Emmy Award-winning journalist Brandon Lee Rudat have joined forces to create Chiseling a Leader, a powerful new message that integrates character and leadership to inspire personal and professional excellence. The program focuses on how two industry leaders chiseled down to the core values and characteristics that have set them apart. It is now available as a keynote presentation and DVD program.

The Message

"Character" comes from a Greek word meaning “chisel.” Perhaps a leader who has character is one who has chiseled away the pretenses to reveal those inner traits that are worthy of respect and admiration. In a sense, we recognize a person of true character because they are often leaders in their own right.

"It’s a dynamic presentation and compelling program that inspires you to become a better leader,” says Amber Greenwood of the Greater Waco Chamber.

What makes this keynote program unique

Audience members will begin identifying their characteristics within the first 10 minutes of time together. By the end of the program, they will have a clearer idea of qualities they can develop to be more effective leaders.

This tool is a go-to guide for future development, requesting feedback from peers and providing ongoing personal assessment. We know that a true leader does not claim to have all the answers all the time but instead is willing to learn, be challenged, admit mistakes and inspire others.

Leaders are integral to every business and organization. The Chiseling a Leader program can be tailored to suit your needs in terms of length and presentation.
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