Elite Medical Scribes to Display Its Innovative Technology in Support of the Maryland Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians

Minneapolis, MN, April 09, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Elite Medical Scribes, the nationwide leader in scribe training, staffing, and management, will attend the Maryland ACEP 2014 Annual Conference, April 10 in Baltimore, MD.

Elite Medical Scribes utilizes cutting edge technology and innovative software to provide emergency departments with the highest quality scribe service in the industry. As the pioneer in scribing, which started out primarily in the emergency medicine setting, Elite Medical Scribes has been able to identify key components in emergency medicine and tailor its training, program setup, and quality assurance processes accordingly.

“It’s terrific to support the Maryland Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians this year,” said Yuriy Vasylenko, CEO of Elite Medical Scribes. “As demand for medical scribes continues to grow, we are excited for the opportunity to discuss with the show attendees why Elite Medical Scribes is considered the premier scribe services company being the vendor of choice to some of the most reputable emergency departments across the nation.”

Changes in health care technology have placed an increased workload on medical providers, as they attempt to balance their responsibilities, while providing patients with high quality care. However, with the help from medical scribes, providers are able to focus more on patient needs with the confidence that their documentation requirements are being handled by highly trained individuals. Medical scribes assist with documentation as well as other administrative activities, which allow the providers the opportunity to focus more on their patients. Through proprietary software and a commitment to excellence, Elite Medical Scribes has earned a reputation of an industry leader known for the highest quality scribes, expert workflow solutions, and superior customer service.

“As our healthcare system keeps on undergoing truly significant changes, the need for increased provider productivity, optimized workflow solutions, and improved patient satisfaction is higher than ever. Over the years, Elite Medical Scribes has been able to provide tremendous support and often truly transform the operations of medical facilities from East Coast to West Coast, from North to South, and we stand ready to help many other emergency facilities reach optimal levels of performance during these challenging times,” Vasylenko said.

About Elite Medical Scribes

Elite Medical Scribes is the premier scribe training, staffing, and management company for hospitals, physician groups, and clinics across the nation. Our services lead to increased provider productivity, improved charge capture, enhanced patient care quality, accurate real-time data entry, reduced documentation costs, and increased patient and provider satisfaction.

With established methods and techniques refined through countless hours of clinical experience, we have created a unique program, which maximizes efficiency of patient care and enhances the quality of health care overall.

Elite prides itself on its extensive training program, comprehensive quality assurance, and expert workflow, which provide benefits to all groups affected by our services (patients, providers, hospitals, clinics, scribes). We offer a simple and clear cost structure without any upfront/setup fees, creating a service with the best value for the client and providing for the maximum ROI.

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