Tango & BPM – the Distribution of the Future, Today!

A 50% drop in delivery costs, with successful delivery rates having quadrupled compared to traditional distribution!

Tango & BPM – the Distribution of the Future, Today!
Munsbach, Luxembourg, June 11, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Tango is the leading alternative Luxembourgish operator offering fixed telephony, mobile and Internet services.

But the e-commerce market is faced with a known reality: most online shoppers are not at home during the day to receive their parcel. It goes without saying that every shipment which fails to be delivered to its recipient generates further costs for the retailer and carrier, without forgetting to mention the negative effect on our environment with a rise in CO2 emissions and the growing frustration felt by the clients.

So where lies the solution? To receive personal parcels at work?

Absolutely not!

The recent tendency to take advantage of the reception area for personal usage is a growing concern for many HR departments. More and more companies see no other choice but to ban this behaviour altogether.

And what about mobile employees such as technicians, consultants or salesmen who rarely set foot on their company's premises? The same goes for those who only return to the Grand-Duchy over the weekend.

Tango, who has not been spared by the delivery problem, has been closely analysing the situation in order to find a solution from which all would benefit. It turned to the BPM-Lux service, through which the sale and distribution chain could be further optimized.

Over a 7 months period, Tango decided to test distribution through the BPM Parcel-Station network (parcel-lockers throughout the country, accessible 24/7). With this method, customer's are free to pick up their purchases at a Parcel-Station whenever they feel like it.

The added value is obvious, for the customer and for Tango. Moreso, the results of the test period were quite impressive:

A 50% drop in delivery costs, with successful delivery rates having quadrupled compared to traditional distribution!

Following this result and a very positive satisfaction survey Tango conducted on their customers, the company not only decided to entrust BPM with the long term distribution of its products, but to install a BPM Parcel-Station at the entrance of its headquarters in Bertrange.

This way, Tango employees can enjoy the same comfort as their customers and the local general public, who also have access to the Parcel-Station 24/7.

Tango for their part, will use the Parcel-Station to make purchases available for pick-up by their customers after working hours. Thanks to the BPM-Lux solution, Tango has grown its distribution network from 18 to now 35 retail points.

A major advantage of this solution is that customers can access their Tango purchases 24/7 without a BPM subscription. In other words, BPM offers the distribution infrastructure to retailers willing to offer a more flexible and efficient delivery service to their customers, the identity of which stays unknown to BPM. Once the BPM solution has been integragted into the seller's check-out options the customer can take full advantage of this new comfort.

The flagship model that has been setup for Tango can obviously be customized, making it accessible to any other retailer willing to offer a better customer service and shopping experience, leading to more sales and an accelerated turnover. In the highly competitive e-commerce market, such innovative distribution solutions can make the whole difference.

Since debuting in 1998, Tango has always followed an innovative strategy enabling them to deliver adapted answers to their clients - high quality for the best price.

For this reason Tango has not only opted for a more flexible distribution method with a higher turnover, but does so in respect to their innovative vision, in harmony with the ecology and the company's social responsibility.
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