GatewayLegal Official Software Launch to Broaden Diversity

GatewayLegal Official Software Launch to Broaden Diversity
Atlanta, GA, August 14, 2014 --( GatewayLegal, a division of Gateway Software Development, will unveil its beta cloud based technology to the market on August 18, 2014. The division plans to connect corporate legal departments with law firms, which will allow them to diversify and expand their area of legal resources by growing their global network of law professionals. The innovative technology will provide a unified method to track and maintain diversity goals.

For over a decade, legal associations, law firms and corporations have taken a serious look at diversity. While there are numerous high-profile diversity initiatives and programs that express a clear need and determination to increase diversity; however how these companies are able to make an authentic connection with this group of diverse attorneys is unclear. Due to this uncertain data, GatewayLegal formed this beta in order to enable its users to access a peer-reviewed network database of the nation’s top legal professionals. The ability to successfully connect with an increasingly diverse world gives businesses a distinctly competitive edge. GatewayLegal will also offer a virtual platform where institutional users of its proprietary technology will be able to quickly identify peer-vetted legal experts in a host of disciplines; make referrals; submit RFPs; and leverage the power of diverse talent resources. This interactive platform allows the buyer to connect with a growing group of diverse legal talent, which will help expand their reach beyond traditional formats. In response to a global economy, valuing people and their backgrounds gives corporations a distinctive edge. Retaining legal professionals externally that are cultural and linguistically diverse expands the ability to successfully connect with an increasingly diverse world. According to Patrice Lewis, Co-Founder at GatewayLegal; “Attorneys who enroll in our network will be able to place themselves on the path toward infinite growth and participate in an innovative culture that values the power of diversity.”

In conjunction with GatewayLegal’s beta launch, they are also planning to present various intellectual properties which will include: Gateway Diversity, Gateway Green , Gateway Women, Gateway Partnerships, Gateway Connect; along with their philanthropic initiative for Gateway S.T.E.M - connecting diverse students interested in technology to programs and professionals. Currently the company is looking for testers with beta pricing that are interested in digitizing “diversity” and “inclusion” in order to facilitate the growing need of global integration. For more information about the company and their cloud based technology, please visit:

About GatewayLegal:
GatewayLegal provides corporate legal departments and the law firms that work with them exclusive access to the premier legal experts from around the world. Today, many of the fastest growing business markets both domestically and around the world leverage talents, contacts, energy and perspective of people of all generations, orientations, ethnicities and cultures. GatewayLegal enables its users to access a database of a peer reviewed network of the nation’s top legal professionals.
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