Arts & Letters to Deliver $6 Million Software Giveaway to Wounded Warriors; A&L Composer Software Provides New Skills and Basis for Start Up Businesses

Arts & Letters is providing free software to Wounded Warriors. The software will provide job skills and opportunity for start up businesses for Veterans. The give away is valued at $6 million.

San Antonio, TX, November 12, 2014 --( Arts & Letters (A&L) announced today it is providing up to 50,000 copies of its Composer graphics software free of charge to qualified U.S. Veterans. The software provides professional quality graphics tools, thousands of vector based images, fonts and can be the basis for new job skills and starting a business. The giveaway is valued at an estimated $6 million.

Composer software is based on the award winning illustration software A&L Express and has a history dating back to 1971 (mainframes), 1983 (DOS) and 1987 (Windows). The products have been installed at more than 40 Federal agencies and at numerous Fortune companies. It is sold in 10 languages and has users in 35 countries.

“The installed base indicates there are job opportunities for Veterans that know how to use A&L products,” according to Jack Hall, CEO of the company. Hall added, “A large percentage of our Users are commercial artists. Many run their own creative agencies, screen printing and sign companies, do work for the movie and media industry. But we also have users that are everyday people creating presentations for local civics groups, churches and schools.”

A&L products have been sold both off and on contract to government agencies. Many Veterans are already familiar with A&L products. “While I was in Iraq for 138th Pub. Affairs unit I used your software for all my art work,” wrote George Lamboy, 1st SGT.

This giveaway program is designed to empower all Wounded Warriors. It is not required that they are affiliated with any other program that serves Wounded Warriors. A&L customers report success stories such as selling a single piece of art for $125,000 or starting a business with $1,000 that is now worth millions. “We are doing this to give back to the men and women of our military that gave so much to our country,” said Michael Poznecki, co-owner of A&L.

A&L products have long been known for ease of use and customers are involved in making the software friendly, easy to use and with a fast learning curve. “I am a writer, not an artist. If someone like me can jump in and learn how to use a professional software like Arts & Letters that's quite something,” wrote author Donald Hester.

To receive a full working copy of Composer a Wounded Warrior can simply go to Instructions for how to download the software and the special discount code are available there. There are no costs to the Veteran and the software is up and running when the Veteran activates the license.
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