The Magic of a Personalized Children’s Gift

We are in full swing in the season of thanks; a time that is special for many of us, regardless of what we celebrate. Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, we tend to buy the people who are special to us gifts that reflect our sentiments. There is no greater person to give a gift to than a child. Giving a special gift to a child, particularly a customized gift, is incredibly rewarding to the gift giver and absolutely special to the one who receives it.

Washingtonville, NY, November 14, 2014 --( The Value of Giving a Personalized Children’s Book for a Holiday Gift

There are many personalized gifts that we can give a child, each special and precious in their own way. Books have become one of the most popular options for many gift givers, though. Why? Because they offer educational entertainment, which is something that most adults appreciate. We know you can have fun while learning and it’s great to show children that they can, too!

There are four amazing benefits that can add value to your gift giving this holiday season if you consider giving a personalized book for a gift. Be bold and be the one who knows how to pick out cherished holiday gifts for the children you love.

Customized gifts are interesting to children. Think back to when you were a child and how interesting it was to hear your name in a television show or see your name in a book. You instantly paid attention and liked it better, didn’t you? Admit it. Most of us respond favorably to hearing our name. Giving a special gift that a child is going to enjoy and keep for years to come is considerably easier if it’s personalized. Even when the child outgrows that gift, they will remember receiving it.

Personalized children’s books are great keepsakes. Whether you are giving a Christmas gift, Hanukkah gift, or Kwanzaa gift, you are going to be giving a gift that a child keeps forever if it’s personalized. They will love it when they first receive it and when they reflect back on it in the future, they will recall how special it was to them. Furthermore, if it’s a book, they’re going to open it up and read it again, making comments such as, “Oh, I loved this story,” and “I remember how awesome this was.”

Customized gifts are excellent for show and tell. Parents and kids often have a hard time picking out that perfect thing to bring to this popular school activity. With a personalized book the decision is a lot easier. It’s fun and exciting to talk about a book that is created with your name in mind, making it easier for shy kids to share and those animated kids to share something special in a lively way.

Personalized books and gifts have many subjects and areas of interest. We all love to read something that is of interest to us. If kids love animals or super heroes, they are going to enjoy reading about those topics. The result is a child who is more excited to read. Not all children embrace or love to read. Gift givers can give them their best chance to embrace this essential skill by offering content that is interesting to them. Let them be the star of the subjects they love best!

Educational Benefits of Personalized Gifts

We realize that it’s easy for children who love to read to embrace it. Of course, they love personalized books, too, but what about the resistant readers? How do we get them to see that reading can be fun and that it is something that can take them into amazing journeys on the pages that are opened up before them? We do this by giving a personalized children’s book in a subject that they cannot resist.

Studies have also shown that children of all ages are responsive to hearing their name. This includes:

Pre-birth. Parents who start calling an unborn child by their name as it develops typically see signs of the child recognizing their voices, as well as their names. If you are someone who is looking for a gift to give a parent to be who knows the name they’ve chosen and the sex of their child—a personalized book is an amazing idea.

Newborns. Every child of every age can benefit from hearing their name and having someone read to them. It creates bonds and it helps with overall positive development.

Toddlers. Little minds are curious minds. Sharing a book with their name in it is a great way to get them interested in that book so they start learning the skills that are necessary to start reading.

New readers. When children are learning how to read, it’s important to give them their best chance of success and the positive reaffirmation that comes with hearing their name tied to their successes is important. It is a great start on the wonderful journey of becoming a solid reader.

Educators have long stated that children are different and that a “one approach fits all” to learning can leave some children behind. Personalized learning is a perfect complement to a personalized book or gift. There are no doubts that the experience is all about the child and for the child. They can be the hero of their own story.

The thought behind a gift is what matters most and those who realize that understand how wonderful a personalized gift can be. Every child, regardless of whether they have a popular name or one that few others can claim, thinks it is pretty amazing to get something that is clearly made just for them. With so many benefits, including educational entertainment and the joy of a special present, a personalized book or other gift will not only provide the gift giver and receiver with a special memory in the making, but it will also become the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. It will never be forgotten and it will be cherished.
Kelly Mistry