Brain Injured Woman Travels Across the USA in Search of Resilience

Brain Injured Woman Travels Across the USA in Search of Resilience
San Francisco, CA, December 19, 2014 --( Award-winning author and coach Dr. Jennifer Leigh was at the top of her game in 2010. Then adversity struck: she sustained a brain injury from a medication prescribed by her doctor. She blogged about her ordeal, becoming a beacon of hope for thousands around the world suffering from the same brain damage. “Too many of the people healing from this injury gave up. They ended their lives,” reports Dr. Leigh. “I became passionate about researching resilience so we can better help people when they face adversity. I created a research project called Resilience Across America.”

Dr. Leigh leaves January 2, to travel across the United States in a campervan with her service dog to interview and videotape highly resilient people. She has a team of professionals in Silicon Valley working behind the scenes to help her with strategic and technical needs. She also devised a survey for resilient people worldwide to take in order to gather as much data as possible. To fund Resilience Across America, she created a crowd-funding effort on Indigogo;

She will return in April and unpack her findings to generate new treatments, protocols and education to help people face adversity, move through it and bounce back. Strangers who read Dr. Leigh’s recovery blog are hosting her across the United States in hopes that her research will help others. She will be blogging and sharing videos of the people she meets to spread hope and inspiration as she travels.

"The best way to influence the future is to make sure that education and training about resilience is available to everyone," says Dr. Leigh. Resilience Across America is the start of that education and training."
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