IR Defense Corporation Answers the Call for a Low Cost, Military Grade Thermal Monocular. Introducing the World’s Most Cost Effective 640x480 Resolution Thermal Monocular

IR Defense Corporation Answers the Call for a Low Cost, Military Grade Thermal Monocular. Introducing the World’s Most Cost Effective 640x480 Resolution Thermal Monocular
Auburn, CA, December 24, 2014 --( IR Defense Corporation today announced the worldwide release of the IR Patrol family of thermal monoculars ( ). The world’s best priced, 640x480, military grade monocular combines the high quality BAE thermal core with advanced electronics in a rugged, user friendly housing to bring users a next level, thermal detection device.

“Military, First Responders, and Sportsmen all have a need to see in the dark, but with limited budgets, quality products are typically out of reach. Our new IR Patrol thermal monocular solves that problem,” said Scott Henry, founder and CEO of IR Defense Corporation. “Working with BAE, we have developed one of the most affordable, high resolution, thermal night vision devices on the market.”

Performance, Durability and Affordability

Whether it’s protecting our borders, searching for a lost child, or eradicating feral hogs, operators need high resolution thermal images in a small robust device. The IR Patrol thermal monocular is a game changer for the night vision industry. For the first time ever, night vision users can enjoy thermal high definition imagery under five thousand dollars ($5,000.00 USD).

The IR Patrol features an advanced user interface with a military grade, five position mini joy stick that is the perfect size. The monocular’s ergonomic design provides users optimum functionality. The menu system was engineered to be intuitive and efficient to operate.

“The IR Patrol feels right in your hand. This thermal monocular is just plain sexy,” said David Rhomberg, Vice President Sales and Marketing, IR Defense Corporation. “I have been marketing night vision products for over fourteen years and have seen about every consumer and military grade night vision device on the market. No product has ever impressed me like our new thermal monocular.”

Quality, Quality, Quality

The IR Patrol was designed for military applications with a consumer affordable price point. All the components of the IR patrol are the highest quality. The BAE long range infrared (LWIR) uncooled, 60Hz thermal core, combined with eMagin’s OLED, 10,000:1contrast VGA display encased in a ruggedized housing made from 6160 aircraft aluminum insuring the IR Patrols durability. Made in the USA, these quality components form IR Patrol’s foundation stones for reliability.

One Device Many Uses

The IR Patrol can be used hand held, head mounted, or even mounted to a weapon. IR Defense Corporation has worked with Wilcox industries to bundle the best in class mounting options.

Pricing and Availability

The IR Patrol will be first shown to the public at the 2015 Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show ®) in the Tactical Night Vision (TNVC) booth # 6502. Limited shipments will be sent to select distributors beginning in February 2015. Pricing starts at $4995.00.

This product is subject to either the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (22 CFR §120-130) or the Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR 730-774). US Government authorization may be required to transfer this to foreign persons

About IR Defense Corporation

IR Defense manufactures night vision devices for the military, law enforcement and sporting communities. Their products currently include thermal weapons sights (TWS) and thermal monoculars. IR Defense’s strategic intent is to consistently develop new technology focusing on customer need, innovative design and rapid to market development. IR Defense is fast becoming recognized as one of the top developers of thermal imaging products. IR Defense introduced three revolutionary products in 2015: the IR Hunter, the IR Hunter MKII, and the new IR Patrol.

IR Defense is headquartered in Auburn CA. For more information, see:
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