Xsilon Launches Early Access Partnership Program for Its New Hanadu™ Silicon Roadmap

Xsilon Launches Early Access Partnership Program for Its New Hanadu™ Silicon Roadmap
Las Vegas, NV, January 09, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Xsilon, the In-Home M2M connectivity innovator, announces its first Hanadu™ modem product line and launches its Early Access Partnership program. Hanadu is the In-Home M2M connectivity solution that enables “Whole home, Every home” reliability for Internet of Things applications based on ZigBee, 6LoWPAN and Thread. Xsilon’s Hanadu-compliant silicon will be available for evaluation by Early Access Partners in Q4 2015. Membership of the EAP program ensures first access for OEMs to these Hanadu products, Xsilon’s connectivity evaluation hardware, the Hanadu technical community and its SIG.

Hanadu is the new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connectivity solution developed by Xsilon to bring the Internet of Things (IOT) to low cost domestic appliances and devices located anywhere inside every type of home. Hanadu extends the widely-used IEEE 802.15.4 networking standard into the powerline domain, allowing it to use the home’s existing electrical wiring in addition to deadspot-prone radio solutions in the home.

Hanadu connects the Internet of Things to those parts of the home where radio struggles to reach, for the same price point as a normal 15.4-compliant radio solution. It consumes a tenth of the power of other powerline technologies, with far superior reach for IOT traffic. Small enough to fit inside a standard electrical plug, Hanadu allows existing appliances to be retro-fitted to the network. When embedded within new product designs, the integrated capabilities are huge. In development by Xsilon since 2008, Hanadu uses 4G mobile techniques to empower its low cost, high performance solutions. Hanadu extends all the leading IOT connectivity technologies – ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, IPv6 and Thread – to the entirety of the home.

Hanadu is supported by the Hanadu Special Interest Group (SIG), which is now open for new memberships. Hanadu-compliant products will be available commercially from a variety of silicon vendors in H1 2016. Xsilon’s own Hanadu modem devices, the HAN250EP and HAN250LB, will begin sampling in Q4 2015.

The low-cost HAN250EP device connects Hanadu endpoints into a Hanadu cloud within the home using low-cost peripheral interfaces to the appliance’s internal hardware. Host interfaces include SPI, UART, I2C and PWM. The HAN250LB device has a richer selection of networking interfaces, allowing the Hanadu cloud to link to local LANs and gateways via WiFi, Ethernet and USB. Both devices come in variants that integrate energy consumption measurement for Home Energy Management solutions. These modems will also be available as modules, providing OEMs with pre-certified turnkey Hanadu capability.

Xsilon today launches its Early Access Partnership program for OEMs who are looking to engage with Hanadu technology during 2015, and to be in the first wave of Hanadu-based products in 2016. The benefits to Early Access Partners include:
(1) Earliest access to Xsilon’s HAN250EP and HAN250LB single-chip Hanadu modems in Q4 2015
(2) Engagement with Xsilon’s Hanadu hardware evaluation platforms
(3) Beta access to 6LoWPAN, Thread and ZigBee implementations on Hanadu
(4) Inclusion in the evolution of the Hanadu specification via the Hanadu SIG
(5) Engagement with the Hanadu interoperability certification process, commencing H2 2015

The Hanadu SIG will announce its first wave of members during the course of Q1 2015. The first EAP program members are already engaged with Hanadu products. Today marks the opening of the EAP to additional program members and of the Hanadu SIG to further memberships.

Russell Haggar, Xsilon’s chief executive, said: “Hanadu has been extensively tested and evaluated during 2014, and 2015 is going to be a massively exciting year for the SIG and for Xsilon as a company. CES is the ideal time to announce our silicon roadmap and to launch our Early Access Partnership. We want to build on the partnerships that we’ve already established and expand the range of OEMs engaging with Hanadu technology ahead of product launches at next year’s CES.”

“Hanadu is ideal for homes where a radio-only approach cannot connect to every device and appliance. This is actually what consumers experience in pretty much every home all over the world. We all know parts of our homes where our WiFi drops out, and it’s far from sensible to move household appliances just to get coverage. Hanadu ensures that the Internet of Things can come to the appliance, no matter where it is located.”

“A lot of work has been put into Hanadu to allow it to support both ZigBee and Thread networking models. Each home is different: where radio is good to connect a device in one home, powerline is better in another home. The mix-and-match combination of radio and powerline that Hanadu enables will allow the Internet of Things to come to every electrically-powered device that exists within the home.”

About Xsilon Ltd:

Xsilon is a privately-held company headquartered in the UK, with R&D facilities in the high-tech centres of Swindon and Cambridge. Its engineering leadership team leverages over 200 man-years of experience in technology and product development with leading US and European communications technology and consumer electronics businesses. Xsilon’s single-chip Hanadu modem devices deliver low cost, small footprint, low power, high connectivity M2M capability to all appliances, in every home, in all territories. The product line is suitable for all Internet of Things applications within the home, with specific interest in verticals such as smart metering, assisted living, home energy management and home automation. In commercial markets, key applications include industrial lighting and building management controls.

About Hanadu™:

Hanadu is a powerline technology designed to integrate seamlessly with radio solutions such as ZigBee and Thread that are based around IEEE 802.15.4 technology. Hanadu implements the full IEEE 802.15.4 specification, extending it from radio into powerline. It delivers 250kbps connectivity around the whole home, without having to rely on bandwidth-hungry solutions such as meshing to overcome the deadspots inherent in radio solutions. OEMs can now extend their Thread and ZigBee solutions to span both radio and powerline connectivity. With Hanadu, multiple types of connectivity merge into one single, easily managed 15.4 network, independent of the underlying physical connections.

As a greenfield technology, Hanadu avoids the normally unavoidable compromises of re-purposed legacy solutions. This enables the industry’s first Whole Home, Every Home™ solution for In-Home M2M. Hanadu supports mainstream networking standards such as IPv6, 6LowPAN, Thread, Weightless, Bluetooth Smart and ZigBee (including ZigBee 3.0). By design, Hanadu is compatible with all other in-home connectivity solutions, both wired and wireless.

The first market targets for Hanadu include Home Energy Management solutions as well as Smart Meter Displays, Intelligent Lighting, Assisted Living and e-Health. Hanadu can work as the sole connectivity solution within a home, or with complementary wireless or wired solutions in a single network architecture. The Hanadu SIG is open to all interested parties seeking to develop the Hanadu specification and promote the use of Hanadu products. The SIG controls the core intellectual property relating to Hanadu, independently of Xsilon. Find out more at www.hanadu.org.

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