Molecular Glasses™ CEO and Founder to Present at LOPEC 2015, Munich, Germany: “New Efficient, Less Costly, and Green Solutions for OLED Display and Lighting Performance"

Rochester, NY, January 26, 2015 --( At the upcoming LOPEC 2015 Conference in Munich, Germany, Molecular Glasses™ CEO and Founder Michel (Mike) Molaire will present a talk on NONcrystallizable™ organic semiconductors and emitters for OLED and other organic electronic applications. Organized jointly by the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) and Messe München GmbH, LOPEC (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention) is the leading international trade fair and conference for printed electronics in the high-tech business location of Munich. The three-day LOPEC Conference starts on March 3rd, and the exhibition takes place on March 4–5. More than 2,100 people from 40 countries attended LOPEC 2014.

Mr. Molaire joins a line-up of presenters from around the world and major companies and universities involved in printed electronics, including DuPont, Plastic Logic, Merck Chemicals, Corning, Heraeus Precious Metals, BASF, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford.

“There are two recognized classes of OLED materials today: ‘Small Molecule OLED’ and ‘Polymer OLED’,” notes Mike Molaire, CEO and Founder of Molecular Glasses.’ We will introduce you to the third class: ‘NONcrystallizable™ OLED’ capable of providing all the advantages of the others and more. However our first visit at LOPEC will primarily concentrate on meeting the OLED material users, the equipment manufacturers, and the process developers. We want to learn firsthand the big material problems you are dealing with in your OLED display and lighting projects. We want to hear how we can help you save cost, improve quality and performance. To arrange a meeting at the conference please email me at .”

“NONcrystallizable™ means Efficient OLED. Long-Lived OLED. Affordable OLED.

About Molecular Glasses™

Molecular Glasses™, a division of Molaire Consulting LLC, focuses on proprietary NONcrystallizable™ molecular glasses for stable and long-lived OLED and other organics electronics. We are developing NONcrystallizable™ hole-transporting, electron-transporting, ambipolar, fluorescent, phosphorescent, water soluble, crosslinkable, and solvent-coatable, vacuum-coatable molecular glass mixtures.

Our mission is to provide NONcrystallizable™ semiconductors to OLED and organic electronics manufacturers for their use in commercializing stable and long-lived displays, lighting products, organic solar cells, and thin film transistors. Our primary business strategy is technology licensing. We also offer R&D contracting services to our clients.

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