Diabetic Fudge - is Such a Thing Possible? Absolutely, Says HIP Brands

Fudge is one of the highest calorie, sugar, and fat laden sweets known to man. With diabetes and obesity on the march, it is imperative to find a healthy alternative - like the new SUGARLESSeā„¢ ChocoFudge Chocolates. They are made by HIP Brands for everybody on a diabetic and weight loss diet, or just in need of healthy sweets.

Diabetic Fudge - is Such a Thing Possible? Absolutely, Says HIP Brands
Montvale, NJ, January 30, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Traditional chocolate fudge is, essentially, a melted glob of chocolate, sugar, butter, and cream. It is to food what heroin is to Tylenol. (Okay, that's a bit strong of an analogy, but it gets the point across.) One can only ingest, at most, a two-cubic-inch chunk of fudge before slipping into a diabetic coma.

At $17 per pound, it seems to defy common sense that even a popular town's supply of natives and tourists could buy it at a clip that would support a full-fledged enterprise dedicated to making and selling it. Yet, there is at least one store in every town, that we seem to be able find right away.

Despite the simplicity of its ingredients, fudge made with sugar is quite difficult to produce. The reason is that its creamy texture depends on the degree of crystallization sugar undergoes in the production process. If it is too much, or the crystals are too large, fudge will have a gritty texture and become too hard. Not enough crystallization and it won’t be fudge, but rather a thick, syrupy goo.

Thanks to SUGARLESSe™ natural sweetener and the master chocolatiers at HIP Brands, they can now produce both healthy and true to goodness fudge, that goes into their new ChocoFudge Squares line with 4 flavors: Chocolate, Coffee, Mint, and Orange.

They are particularly beneficial to diabetics and people fighting obesity. They are also appealing at a number of levels, according feedback from test marketing to date, as they are:

* Tasty: As flavorful as regular chocolate fudge
* Healthy: Only 100 calories in a 3/4 oz square
* Rich: Contain 60% pure cocoa liqueur and butter
* Diabetic friendly: Sugar free, with a Glycemic Index of 37
* Diet friendly too: Kosher, Non-GMO, and Gluten free

Currently available at HIP Brand’s website, http://sugarlesse.com they will be sold on Amazon and other online stores as well as in retail in the coming months.

HIP Brands makes and sells a range of natural boosters, sweeteners, and chocolates. For more information please contact us by phone at 201.399.4313 between 9-5 New York time or by email: info@sugarlesse.com
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SUGARLESSe(TM) ChocoFudges website page

SUGARLESSe(TM) ChocoFudges website page

SUGARLESSe(TM) Chocolate Fudges turn a dessert from your childhood memories into a healthy sweet treat that you can actually enjoy guilt-free. So, if you love fudge, but don't want all the added sugar, these healthy, sugar-free ChocoFudge Chocolate Squares are the way to go.

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Sugarlesse ChocoFudge Review Videos

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