Announces MDConcierge, a Complimentary Search Support Service to Global Physicians Seeking Work in Canada and in Select Countries Worldwide

With a growing, aging population, the demand for physicians has intensified, and communities worldwide, especially in North America are experiencing doctor shortages. A 2015 study conducted for the AAMC by IHS Inc., predicts that by year 2025 the US will be faced with a shortage of up to 90,000 physicians. Shortages will be in both primary and specialty care. This can only mean, trouble for Canada, as more and more doctors are motivated to relocate to the the USA. Announces MDConcierge, a Complimentary Search Support Service to Global Physicians Seeking Work in Canada and in Select Countries Worldwide
Toronto, Canada, March 17, 2015 --( In today's worldwide shortage of doctors, a short term vacancy can turn into a serious crisis. What can one clinic or hospital do to be competitive? One of the ways that physician employers can increase their access to physicians is by outsourcing their recruitment to experts that represent hundreds of employers and access to thousands of candidates at the click of a button. In a recent study by Harvard Business Review, several principals were outlined for why leaders suffer as leaders - one of the reasons is attributed to Self Awareness or lack thereof. This is the ability to know what you know and what you don't.

Running a health care facility, such as a hospital or medical clinic, requires many roles and responsibilities, not least of which is keeping the facility staffed with reliable physicians in order to ensure that an exemplary standard of care is delivered on a consistent basis. Which is why employers need to branch out to locate doctors who are actively or passively seeking employment through alternative means.

After all, these days, physicians are in demand worldwide, and it is often necessary to utilize a physician recruiter service in order to find appropriate candidates for physician job postings. Choosing a physician recruiter service is really the smartest way to move forward with finding new staff members, as it inevitably streamlines and facilitates the entire process.

By choosing a reliable outsourced recruitment strategy to attract physicians - valuable time and energy is saved. Offers Practical Assistance to Physician Employers may be the right place to find exactly what these employers need.

This respected online service is designed to connect physician employers to medical doctors who are looking for the sort of jobs needed to be filled. By selecting this highly-rated and impressive service today, odds of filling your position are dramatically boosted. The chances of finding a capable physician for clinics or hospitals is greatly enhanced without needing to do all of the “legwork” of physician recruitment.

Whether the need is doctors who focus on family medicine or other types of physicians, Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, General Surgeons, Internists, ICU, Neurologists, Cardiac Surgeons, Dermatologists, Nephrologists, Emergency Medicine, or a variety of other specialists, offers plenty of viable options. In addition, the service is quite affordable, it’s just so simple to use. This is why more and more global health care administrators are choosing to make the task of attracting new doctors easier with

Now, let’s talk about the myriad reasons why is the most practical option for busy clinic and hospital administrators.

What Offers is based in Toronto, Canada, and it’s a doctor recruitment agency employing consultants in a wide array of nations, from Canada and Mexico to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

This company’s online system makes it simple for physicians to connect with in order to hunt for jobs. In other words, the team at offers these physicians the most appealing terms, such as no obligations, contracts or commitments, in order to attract and retain their interest. Physician employers happily pay for this service.

Physicians who utilize may then seek out their preferred practice settings via their easy-to-use job board, in Canada and in other countries that they serve. These physicians are able to browse the latest job postings, from prospective employers just like you. Then, physicians are assisted as they proceed with applying for these positions.

MDSearch services to doctors includes the complimentary Job Board and the Concierge Service which attracts plenty of doctors. By bringing doctors to the website, where they can find selected job posting from a niche group of employers, MDSearch increase the odds of filling each position. This approach has proven much more successful than a job board with thousands of jobs.

However, the benefits of definitely do not stop there.

To help employers fill their positions, quickly, with just the right candidates, MDSearch recruits family doctors and specialists from countries all over the world – Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and USA - tracking down GPs and specialists that are likely to suit your requirements to absolute perfection. By choosing to work with an experienced and friendly team today, access is granted to superior recruitment techniques that have worked again and again.

To summarize, by selecting today, access is granted to premium candidates, vast network of pre-screened doctors, opportunity to market your job posting locally, nationally and globally; utilizing the global reach (such as a team of worldwide consultants) to quicken the search process and enjoy a truly superior return on investment - ROI.

Obviously, this brilliant network is designed to make the task of hiring new staff members simpler. It’s there to benefit and connect physicians and employers. The system is proven to get results and that’s why it continues to grow in popularity.

So, why not try it today?

Get Results without Hassles, Headaches and Red Tape

"When the task of physician recruitment becomes a burden and its difficult to get tangible and positive results - alternative options must be considered. After all, employers have enough managerial duties and already wearing so many hats. Becoming a recruiter, on top of everything else, may be quite a drain on your precious time and energy," says Michelle Mariano a physician concierge at MDSearch.Ca.

Michelle recommends instead of dealing with the stress and frustration of looking for physicians and failing to fill posted positions due to lack of success with physician recruitment, why not access a network which practically guarantees superlative results?

By gathering employers and physicians in one convenient and exclusive online hub, via a central job board, the system benefits both sides. In other words, it brings people together, so that new health care teams may be formed without the usual hassles, headaches and red tape.

It’s even possible to search for nurse practitioners, home-care physicians, moonlighting physicians and physician partners via the service. All of these sorts of health care professionals are recruited by the team at

Fill in the details via the following link and an consultant will be in contact to review the application to be a select employer:

Michelle Mariano is a key member of the physician concierge team. Michelle looks after both employer and physician on-boarding. This includes qualifying new employers and helping them to build their marketing profiles and search strategies. However, the bulk of her time is spent developing rapport with family medicine and specialist physicians to understand and assist them to achieve their career ambitions. You can reach Michelle Mariano at to communicate about your search objectives or sign up at: is Canada’s leading physician recruitment agency. Placing healthcare practitioners and executives since 1999. The founding partners have been awarded for growing some of Canada’s fastest growing healthcare companies. The team has built a robust database including 70,000 healthcare practitioners, one of the largest physician databases in the world.

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Founder of MDSearch

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Locating qualified, available physicians and specialists is increasingly time consuming and often frustrating. Use experience and network to find the most suitable candidates.