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4 Things to Know About ROI Land Investments Ltd.

4 Things to Know About ROI Land Investments Ltd.
Montreal, Canada, April 24, 2015 --( ROI Land Investments Ltd is a renowned Land Investment Banking Public Company that is currently invested in some very enterprising projects. Here are four things that you need to know about ROI Land Investments Ltd’s recent ventures around the globe:

1. ROI is strategically positioned to maximize profitability in Northern B.C.
ROI Land Investments Ltd is committed to becoming a leading land developer within Northern B.C. Northern B.C. is a region of Canada that is experiencing explosive growth due to LNG industry interests in this area. ROI Land Investments Ltd announced in January that it has already fully developed and sold its initial land acquisition of 20,000 sq ft of prime land in Terrace City, B.C. Impressively, ROI Land Investment Ltd was able to generate a return of over 50% of its initial investment, demonstrating that it is set to potentially generate significant profits on its B.C. projects. Furthermore, ROI Land Investments Ltd has since also acquired approximately 250,000 sq ft of prime residential land development to build over 300 apartment units in Kitimat and Terrace, B.C. All of the necessary permits have already been approved for the development of these lands and the estimated market value of these acquisitions is of CDN $10,000,000. ROI Land Investments Ltd continues to astonish investors as it actively pursues its goal of maximizing profitability.

2. ROI has acquired a valuable asset in the Province of Quebec
ROI Land Investments Ltd has concluded its first major acquisition land acquisition in Beauport, Quebec. Beauport is a city in the suburbs of Quebec City that is exploding demographically with an overall population of 600,000 people. This multi-million dollar acquisition is significant as it is the last qualified low-density construction permitted in Quebec City for next 10 years. It is a unique land investment opportunity as no other parcel of land is available in this strategic sector of Beauport, QC. ROI Land Investments Ltd has successfully acquired 1,971,000 sq ft on which there are plans to develop over 200 lots. This valuable land acquisition in the Province of Quebec is a key milestone for the future of ROI Land Investments Ltd.

3. ROI is diversifying its portfolio by entering the European Market
ROI Land Investments Ltd is capitalizing on global land development opportunities with an impressive land investment opportunity in Louisette, France. It is the next big land investment project for ROI Land Investments Ltd and it has potential to be highly profitable for all investors. Louisette is located just 5-minutes from the Six-Fours beach and it is one of the last developing areas in la Seyne sur Mer, France. In partnership with Rome Finance Group and Capital Evolution Group SAS, ROI Land Investments Ltd seeks to maximize profitability with this project, as demand for land to build on in Louisette is very high.

4. ROI is constantly evaluating new land opportunities
ROI Land Investments Ltd is currently seeking new investment ventures in Colorado, the Caribbean and in emerging markets. As a matter of fact, ROI Land Investments Ltd just announced that it has entered into a land purchase agreement to acquire 225 acres of land in the Town of Evans, Colorado. This exciting new development is a testament to ROI Land Investments Ltd’s drive for success. With this important acquisition, ROI Land Investments Ltd has broken into the US market and additional investment opportunities.

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