Australia Real Estate Offshore Finance Announced by UCHK Consulting Ltd

Australian property investors located overseas rush to secure a new off shore finance package between 1.75% - 2.25%.

Australia Real Estate Offshore Finance Announced by UCHK Consulting Ltd
Beijing, China, April 30, 2015 --( UCHK Consulting Ltd recently announced a new off shore property investor loan offered privately to the consulting firm by one of Australia’s leading banks.

Obtaining the best market mortgage rate and loan structure can save an Australian property investor thousands per year. The off shore loan product has been available for decades to the select few however, has been difficult to obtain based on the lending criteria and viewed by many as fraught with danger when currency exchange rates fluctuate.

Many Australian property investors have been fearful of this product structure as Australian dollar rental income derived from an investment property is used to service a foreign currency loan and, is considered potentially risky as a drop in the Australian dollar significantly effects the loans serviceability.

Major banks that have previously offered the off shore multi currency loan have also made the product inaccessible to the broader range of property investor clients with strict net worth requirements and application processes.

Scott O Talbot said: “This new financial product is a game changer for our clients, at approximately half the Australian mortgage rate, our clients investment properties are now significantly cash flow positive.”

The significance of the new offshore loan product is that it the LVR (loan to valuation ratio) is now up to 80% for Australian or PR investors living overseas with the option of multi currency or Australian dollar only loans.

CEO Scott O. Talbot, further explained: The typical UCHK client loan is $400,000 and the new offshore product compare to the traditional Australian based loan product, can save approximately $10,000 per annum:

On a $400,000 bank loan at 2.25%
$400,000 @ 2.25% = $9,000
$400,000 @ 4.75% = $19,000
Interest Savings AU$10,000

Bank finance for property investors is critical, for loans above one million the rate can be as low as 1.75%, providing a significant $30,000 plus savings.

The finance product is offered to clients of UCHK Consulting Ltd and subject to approval and the terms and conditions contained at:
Australia Property - UCHK Consulting Ltd
Scott O. Talbot