Pump Up The Volume: MTK Making Changes to Strengthen Its Music Venue Status

Pump Up The Volume: MTK Making Changes to Strengthen Its Music Venue Status
Mount Kisco, NY, June 10, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Beginning the week of June 15 MTK Tavern is moving onto the next phase of its transition into a true music venue in the heart of Northern Westchester. Much like the venues of Brooklyn and Manhattan, MTK will be increasing its focus on the music and bar offerings presented to the public, while significantly decreasing its food offerings. “For three years we have worked to provide the best of all worlds to our customer base (high quality food, drinks, and entertainment). However, our plan was to always become a top notch music venue, providing not only the best local talent, but also booking accomplished bands and musicians from other parts of the country…” said owner Jeffrey Rosen. “With bringing Pam (Condron) in as a partner in the beginning of the year and utilizing her knowledge of the national music scene and connections to these bands and their managers we realize now is the time to make the transition.”

Over the past several months MTK has brought to its stage bands from Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Massachusetts, among other states, and has built a strong relationship with a number of Brooklyn based bands wanting to come to Mount Kisco to share their talents. “It’s nice to know that all these bands have enjoyed their experience here at MTK as they tour through the country, usually playing at larger venues in major cities…” stated Pam. “The fact that they send us thank you notes and tell other touring bands about us makes me feel like we’re on the right path to something much bigger. To imagine that six months ago most of these bands didn’t know where Mount Kisco was and now they are calling, asking for an opportunity to play at our modest venue is inspiring and makes me want to create a first rate space for music.”

With these changes going into effect MTK will be adjusting its hours beginning next week. The establishment will be open Tuesday through Saturday with the doors opening at 6pmTuesday – Thursday and at 3pm on Friday and Saturday. According to Jeff, “We will be offering a small, adaptable menu for people to enjoy during performances or to have with some of our newly formed ‘rocktails’ but as of next week, no longer consider us a place to come, sit down, and have a full meal. Mount Kisco has many great restaurants and we fully support them and wish them great success. Our hope is for people to stay in town a bit longer after dinner, come in to MTK to enjoy a drink or two and appreciate the music and talent of the bands that play on our stage. We truly look at it as a way to enhance and strengthen the nightlife in our community.”

MTK Tavern is located at 30 E. Main Street in Mount Kisco, NY. If you have any questions or comments regarding this release please contact us at admin@mtktavern.com.

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