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Center for Executive Excellence (CEE) Announces Launch of Innovative Website Tailored to Its Clients

New website enhances user experience with fresh and highly responsive design and interactive menu for solving current business challenges.

Center for Executive Excellence (CEE) Announces Launch of Innovative Website Tailored to Its Clients
Carlsbad, CA, August 19, 2015 --( Center for Executive Excellence (CEE), an innovator in helping companies deliver results by focusing on a purpose that rises above the bottom line, is proud to announce the launch of their new website, located at The new site reflects the company’s comprehensive suite of solutions while showcasing their seasoned team of thought leaders with behind-the-desk experience from their headquarters in San Diego with a corporate presence expanding to Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon.

“I am very proud of the growth of our company since we launched in 2012,” says CEE Founder & CEO Sheri Nasim. “The new website reflects the growth in our team, and conveys who we are today and our dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of solutions that responds to the needs of business leaders faced with 21st century challenges.”

Upon navigating the new site, visitors will notice the fresh and modern cityscape and mountainous imagery to convey movement, innovation in leadership, and agility—three characteristics of the CEE’s unique purpose of helping leaders build resilient cultures that thrive amid change and remain relevant in a dynamic workplace. The new website is more closely aligned with the company’s strategic vision for meeting the growing and changing needs of its clients. The site was designed to be a user-friendly, highly responsive and seamless to navigate site where people can find value in the form of deeper and more accessible content along with sustainable solutions to their current corporate challenges.

Some of these new features include:

Search Solutions by Challenges We Solve Menu
People face corporate challenges every day from strategy execution, to unhealthy corporate culture, to stress brought on by rapid change, to purpose alignment and performance management and a host of other challenges. The toolshed of service excellence menu is designed to help anyone locate a particular challenge area that resonates with their current need then seamlessly navigate to the best CEE solution designed to solve that challenge.

Storytelling Content as to the Who, What and Why of CEE
CEE’s commitment to its clients is to not only identify problems, but design sticky solutions that produce lasting change. The newly renovated About CEE page tells the story of why CEE exists in the marketplace, telling the story of Founder Sheri Nasim’s profound industry experience and current mission to share the power of purpose with other organizations. It also unpacks how the team custom designs solutions for each and every client, a corporate overview and the values that drive the company forward.

Content deeper and more accessible via the site’s Resource Center
A Resource Library will host a number of downloadable content and tools from self-assessments and diagnostic tools to white papers, webinars, case studies and videos that demonstrates CEE’s thought leadership industry expertise and unpacks a variety of business topics related to people, purpose and performance in the workplace. The resource center creates a unique visitor experience, allowing visitors to find relevant and educational content quickly with the purpose of adding value.

New CEE Newsletter
CEE’s newsletter is designed to help executives with the challenges they face in their job every day by sharing best practices, industry trends, expert advice in the realm of leadership development, latest research findings and updates on the latest CEE news and upcoming events. The newsletter will be published once a month and made available to anyone who subscribes via the website or by email.

For more information on how you can benefit from CEE’s custom fit solutions or if you need help aligning people, purpose and performance, please call 877.223.1428 or email

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