The Illuminati Code

Ed Russo aims to satisfy Golden Illuminated Publications with print-on-demand availability of The Illuminati Code at Ed Russo promotes a self-improvement method through a fiction novel as the main character is on a spiritual journey on his search for the truth about the Illuminati. Meanwhile he faces obstacles as the Illuminati is up against a rival.

The Illuminati Code
Pittsburgh, PA, December 25, 2007 --( Ed Russo aims to satisfy Golden Illuminated Publications with print-on-demand availability of The Illuminati Code: The Mystery of the New World Order at

Ed Russo promotes self improvement through the light of reason through a fiction story in conjunction with Lulu (, the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

The Illuminati Code is the first of the fiction novel trilogy about a spiritual journey as a seeker seeks the truth about the Illuminati. This novel explains what the purpose and agenda of the New World Order is really about. Filled with twist and turns as secrets are being revealed, as an anarchist syndicate does everything they can to stop the Illuminati.

Ed Russo wrote The Illuminati Code to help himself and others improve in their well-being. He came to Lulu because he wanted to be in control of the publishing process and found Lulu's print-on-demand tools to be fast, easy and, most importantly, free. The Illuminati Code is available for purchase at, in a marketplace filled with other unique and wonderful surprises.

"Every individual knowing that they are the master of their dreams is the wave of the future, and the future is now," said Ed Russo. "The Lulu process allows me to cut out the middle man (i.e. a separate publisher) and get my work out there the way I want it. My book is much like Lulu itself—it puts control of your destiny in your own hands."

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Ed Russo has over 10 years of studying the esoteric sciences and nature religions. He studies the teachings from the Kabbalah Centre, he has also lectured on metaphysics and human development, written articles for a mental health news brochure. This is his third book. The first, titled The Pleiadian Papers which is a self improvement book. The Illuminati Code : The Mystery of the New World Order, is his first novel. His second part of the trilogy novel Rise of the Renegades: The Apocalypse Begins will soon be published on lulu.

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