Group Long Term Care Insurance Benefits Reported by LTCI Consultants

There are significant advantages of making group long term care insurance available in the workplace reports LTC Insurance Consultants.

Newport Beach, CA, April 28, 2016 --( Group long term care insurance protection is often overlooked as an employee benefit reports LTC Insurance Consultants. However, the significant advantages to both employers and employees deserve serious consideration.

“Dozens of business owners and employees come to us each year asking for assistance with their long term care planning. Most don’t understand the significant advantages of offering and purchasing long term care insurance in the workplace,” shares Craig Matesky, President of LTC Insurance Consultants.

According to LTC Insurance Consultants, two of the more significant benefits come in the form of tax advantages and simplified medical underwriting. “Group Long Term Care Insurance premiums paid by C-Corporations may be 100% tax deductible and partially deductible for other types of corporations,” according to Matesky. “And the employer gets to choose if they want to pay for the entire group long term care insurance premium, pay only a portion of the cost, or simply make the coverage available and let the employees choose if they want to sign-up and pay the entire premium themselves.”

Matesky points out that consumers often don’t realize how hard it can be to medically qualify for individual long term care insurance programs. “Medical underwriting for individual long term care insurance has become significantly more restrictive – even for those who believe they are in relatively good health. The big advantage to group long term care insurance underwriting is that the employee and their family members have access to simplified medical underwriting. This simplified process is available for employee groups as small as ten, and requires only five applications be approved. This can be a wonderful benefit the employer can give the employee and their family members.”

The President of the agency noted that premiums can be significantly lower for the employee group and their family members. “Group long term care insurance normally qualifies for lower cost multi-life premiums. With an employer contribution, they can be eligible for another 5% discount, and those applying with domestic partners or spouses can get up to a 30% discount.”

Matesky is founder and president of LTC Insurance Consultants. The agency promotes long term care planning for Americans through individual, group and hybrid long term care insurance products. To obtain long term care insurance cost comparisons or information call (800) 510-8810 or visit the company website at To learn more about group long term care insurance, visit
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