Announced Publishing and Joint Development Agreement with Whiskeybarrel Studios and Whiskeybarrel Studios announce deals to publish the classic Flash RPG, Swords and Sandals and other games.

Irvington, NY, May 23, 2016 --( is pleased to announce a publishing and joint development agreement with Whiskeybarrel Studios, an Australia-based game development studio owned by Oliver Joyce. Mr Joyce is most well-known for his series, Swords and Sandals, that now owns. and Whiskeybarrel have agreed to develop a new franchise called Swords and Sandals Redux. The companies are going to jointly take the beloved Flash series built by Joyce and tailor it for today's mobile-first world.

"Swords and Sandals was a cult hit on the web when it first launched in 2006," said Oliver Joyce. "I never truly realized it at the time - it was just this quirky little game that seemed to resonate with kids. There's something a bit charming, a bit rough and a bit silly that stands out in a world of polished but generic big budget titles. Swords and Sandals is endearing and fun - even today, years later, I still get emails and see YouTube fan videos about the games. They deserve an update, and that's what Redux is all about. Bringing the classic games to a new mobile audience while still keeping that intangible magic that longtime fans still enjoy. I can't wait to bring it to life again."

"I am very proud of this relationship - Swords and Sandals was one of the most popular web-based RPGs when it was released and now we will be able to fully showcase its brilliance in the supercomputers we carry around in our pockets these days," said Aram Fuchs, Chief Owner, in a statement.

"I enjoyed working with Oliver publishing his game, You Are A Knight, that has that perfect balance of his RPGs, fun athletic and addictive in a way that drives our players to dive deep into the worlds that he creates. I can't wait to see what he does with his original baby -- Swords and Sandals."

Oliver Joyce added, "The publishing partnership with eGames has really allowed us to breath new life into the series and I'm hugely excited about the venture. After a few years in the wilderness I thought Swords and Sandals might be consigned to history, but eGames has breathed new life into the series at exactly the right time. Aram's enthusiasm about the project and our combined wealth of experience and talents will allow us to bring Swords and Sandals to a much wider audience. The next few years are going to be a hugely exciting time for us."

Description of two companies: is a multiplatform game company based in Irvington, NY, USA

Whiskeybarrel Studios is an indie game development company based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia that develops unique and left-of-field game titles for both mobile and desktops.
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