Shakes Up Industry with Release of a Number of New Premium Sportsbook Software Features

New features reinforce PayPerHead as the premier online per head solution Shakes Up Industry with Release of a Number of New Premium Sportsbook Software Features
San Jose, Costa Rica, November 04, 2016 --( Today,, the industry’s leading per head software solution known for providing the best sports bookie software in the gaming industry, unveiled brand new, premium customer-focused tools to it’s dashboard.

Starting immediately, customers will have access to a number of unique new features including mass editing options, a real layoff account, circle limit edit capabilities, and a brand new Oracle Network information repository, designed to offer tips and tricks to maximize profits and effectively grow the agent’s business.

“At PayPerHead, we’ve been committed to offering the very best per head sportsbook software, with premium customer service and easy-to-use tools since our launch in 1997,” said Nate Johnson, Product Manager, “It’s important that our customers know that they have access to the very best features in the business with We’re delighted to offer a range of unique new features that will revolutionize the per head space, while providing our customers an easier, more efficient and more natural way to grow their business and increase their profits.”

Some of the features included in this release were:

- Mass editing options, a customer requested feature that grants the ability to edit all accounts at once, saving numerous hours of editing on larger books

- A real, dedicated agent layoff account, allowing customers to “lay off the heat” and protect their bottom line.

- The ability to set circle limits, allowing timeframe scheduling for profit protection.

- The Oracle Network, a dedicated information repository filled with exclusive content, insider news, introductions to features, tutorials, and key information on how to grow the customer’s business and increase profits.

This is the latest release in a long line of premium, industry-leading features that PayPerHead offers that makes its per head bookie software the most easy-to-use, user-friendly solution on the market. Other great features include premium live wagering on over 1000+ events each month, acceptance of the most payment options in the business, and the best customer service in the business.

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