Interactive 3D Designer Tool for Steel & Metal Building Design

Worldwide Steel Buildings announcing new interactive 3D designer for steel & metal buildings usable in residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Interactive 3D Designer Tool for Steel & Metal Building Design
Peculiar, MO, November 14, 2016 --( In just a few clicks, you can design a steel building with the new 3D Designer tool from Worldwide Steel Buildings. No more mystery about what your building will look like. Steel and Metal building designer allows you to design and visualize you steel building before you purchase or build your building.

Worldwide Steel Buildings knows that visualizing what your building will look like before you buy it is very challenging. That is why Worldwide created the most interactive 3D Designer too for steel and metal buildings available in the market. With simple clicks you are able to size your building, add the door options, pick your colors and actually enter your building for an inside view. As an added bonus, once completed you will be able to email your building design and get a free quote or send it to a friend or spouse. Whether you are building a garage, agricultural building, church, aircraft hangar or any other steel building, the 3D Designer makes it easier than ever to get what you want.

"I used Worldwide Steel Buildings 3D Designer before I purchased my building and it gave me a high level of confidence that the building I ordered would look the way I envisioned it. We also found to be a great help when dealing with our HOA and codes people, by showing them what we were doing," said Taylor B. of Colorado Springs, CO.

"As a contractor this is a greatest tool I have found to help me with my clients. I am able to meet with them and design the look they want all at one time. It has set me apart from my competition and helped me grow. It's as easy as designing the building and sending it direct to Worldwide Steel Buildings for a quick accurate quote," said Doug Stevenson with Stevenson Construction of Salina, KS.

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