Credissimo is the First Company in the World to Launch a Chatbot Service for Online Consumer Loans

The European fintech company Credissimo is the first company in the world to launch a chatbot service for online consumer loans. Over the last weeks, world leaders in the financial sector, such as Bank of America and MasterCard, have launched chatbot services in similar areas.

Credissimo is the First Company in the World to Launch a Chatbot Service for Online Consumer Loans
Sofia, Bulgaria, December 02, 2016 --( The European company Credissimo is the first company in the world to launch a public beta version of an automated chatbot service for granting online consumer loans. The chatbot allows for the entire process of product selection, loan application and approval by Credissimo to be done within minutes entirely in the chat channel of Facebook - Messenger.

Giants like Facebook, Microsoft MasterCard, Bank of America and fintech startups are currently using similar technology. The chatbot service of Credissimo is already available to Bulgarian citizens, who can apply for an online consumer loan in the form of a conversation without leaving their chat application.

The advantages of chatbot
The chatbot-based loan service of the company is another convenient tool based on technical innovation, available to the users of Credissimo. Chatbot platforms use software based on artificial intelligence. The difference with other types of automated services is that it has the flexibility and ease of communication similar to a conversation with a human operator, which significantly improves the user experience and offers a more comfortable environment.

Thanks to this new service, Credissimo can now hold automated dialogues with its customers, guiding them step by step through the service - from application to loan disbursement, while achieving further economies of scale through this automation.

The fully automated bots, such as the one used by Credissimo, are the future of communication between customers and business. Similar to assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, chatbots understand both text and voice commands.

The chatbot technology is rapidly developing and in the coming years its capabilities will overshadow the traditional sales and customer support channels.

Studies show that users prefer this easiest option for access to various kinds of services - from shopping and financial services to booking travel. Chatbots are another step towards a fully human form of a conversation between the user and a robot.

How does Credissimo’s chatbot service function?
Credissimo’s Chatbot Messenger service assists the customers throughout the whole process of application for an online loan. The client, using chat messages sent to the robot, can ask questions, choose a loan product, amount and repayment schedule. This process is significantly faster, more convenient and more accessible than any other traditional form of consumer loan application. The chatbot collects and processes the information and thus completes the process within minutes. The only thing the client needs in order to initiate the procedure is the Facebook Messenger mobile app or its desktop version on their computer.

Credissimo closely monitors the possibility of integrating chatbots in other major chat channels. The company is already working on integrating its chatbot service with Viber, WhatsApp, Slack and Skype. Credissimo’s mission is focused on constantly improving the user experience.

About Credissimo
Credissimo is a leading fintech company specialized in online non-banking financial services, with nearly a decade of experience. It currently operates the Bulgarian and Macedonian markets, with plans to further expand its operations to other European countries. Its signature innovative approach has lead the company to be number one in the online consumer lending market in Bulgaria and Macedonia.
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