AZ Med Tec Announces the Newest Innovations in Surgical and Aesthetic Laser Technologies

AZ Med Tec announces FDA Approval to distribute the INTER-medic laser product line to the U.S. market. INTERmedic products offer patient-friendly solutions of high user-comfort in Aesthetic, Vascular, Surgical and Dental Laser applications.

AZ Med Tec Announces the Newest Innovations in Surgical and Aesthetic Laser Technologies
Mesa, AZ, February 04, 2008 --( AZ Med Tec offers a wide range of the attractive INTERmedic Laser and Light Technology Products. INTERmedic products adapt highest quality standards being certified by the CE 0459 mark and approved by the FDA.

The company is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of innovative Surgical and Aesthetic Lasers and highly advanced pulsed light systems as well as other new technologies covering a wide range of medical applications.

The company’s innovative ContrÂge™, MULTIDIODE SLP™, VARIUS™ and VR1000™ 810 to 980 nm Diode Laser Platforms are attractive multifunctional Aesthetic Laser tools, providing both multiple aesthetic, vascular and surgical laser treatment options in association with maximum comfort for the patient.

INTERmedic’s Diode Laser Systems provide for a variety of surgical, Percutaneous and endovascular procedures. The MULTIDIODE ENDO™ laser permits ambulatory minimally invasive Endovenous treatment of varicose veins of all diameters under local anesthesia.

The INTERmedic Surgical Series™ Lasers cover a wide range of open surgery and minimally invasive laparoscopic applications in almost any surgical discipline.

Operational risks are reduced considerably to the greatest advantage of the patient. Cost-intensive hospitalization may often be reduced or avoided completely with the use of a Surgical Laser- much to the benefit of hospital and Healthcare budgets.

INTERmedic’s new MULTIDIODE PL3D™ Surgical Laser for Discectomy Treatment offers a highly effective treatment alternative for disc decompression in neurosurgery and orthopedics.

AZ Med Tec offers aesthetic treatment platforms with the Most Advanced and Safest Laser Technology for gentle and efficient treatment of various undesired conditions of skin, veins and vessels.

The new ContrÂge™ Aesthetic Laser Platform is a novel and integrated anti-aging and derma-aesthetic concept for the most effective wrinkle treatment, Skin Rejuvenation and derma-aesthetic procedures by the synergetic effect of different components in a single system.

ContrÂge is the name for a new dimension in Wrinkle Treatment, skin rejuvenation and derma-aesthetic procedures. After a single treatment, considerable reduction of lines and wrinkles and a re-vitalized appearance of the treated skin are clearly visible. This is the profound effect of optimal synergy of the treatment components from a single system. Histological examination reveals unusually strong enhancement of fibroblasts in both number and size one month after treatment.

AZ Med Tec is proud to sell the finest Aesthetic Laser series in the U.S.A., make sure to check out their Dental Laser, Surgical Lasers as well as their Vascular Laser pages.

Product Names are Trademarks of INTER-medic


Klaus Sivec, President
AZ Med Tec

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