Yellfy Taps Artificial Intelligence to Create Extraordinary Mobile Experience for Sports Fans

Yellfy's Technology Evolves Around the Individual User, Eliminating the Need for Multiple Sports Apps.

Yellfy Taps Artificial Intelligence to Create Extraordinary Mobile Experience for Sports Fans
Dallas, TX, March 01, 2017 --( Yellfy Sports is disrupting the sports technology market with a no-cost, ad-free mobile app that goes far beyond keeping tabs on scores and stats. Instead of being built around a brand, a network, league or team, Yellfy is designed with proprietary data analytics software that serves the individual based on patterns of behavior and preferences.

Yellfy is the only sports app that is built around the fan, using AI to evolve and expand its understanding of the individual user. The more it is used, the more personalized and customized the experience becomes. No two Yellfy users have the same experience since it is organically linked to the individual. The word “app” does not fully encompass the impact Yellfy has on the sports fan’s lifestyle. The range of information, content, services and connectivity eliminates the need for sports fans to use multiple apps.

From scores, stats and updates to instant access to text and social media, and a seemingly unlimited spectrum of information – including games, events, tickets, venues, merchandise, transportation, lodging, entertainment, clubs, parties, teams, players, analysis and breaking news – Yellfy is an example of the utilization of big data and sophisticated analytical software to make our lives better. Yellfy is continuously developing its technology to further streamline and expand its scope, utility and speed.

“The focus on the individual rather than on a brand, property or network makes Yellfy distinctly unique, and puts us in the vanguard of the consumer transformation that is underway,” said Yellfy founder and CEO Ramin Rastin. “Our technology will continue to expand beyond current utilizations and break through to new levels of personalized information and lifestyle services, providing a highly customized mobile experience.”

Yellfy has also tapped advanced AI technology to develop tools such as its Score Predictor that is proving to deliver results with astonishing accuracy. When the Vegas spread was set at 3-3.5 points for the Super Bowl, the Yellfy score predictor made the call for New England and the 6-point margin – on the money. These same high-powered analytics are used to get to know the user over time, allowing the Yellfy app to self-evolve into an indispensable, all-in-one mobile resource.

Yellfy is free and available for iPhone at the App Store and iTunes.

About Yellfy
Yellfy is a free, full-featured sports app, offering a social network, real-time text/ SMS, up-to-the-minute scores, stats, play-by-play, sports news, ticket exchange, E-commerce, expert sports blogs, party/tailgate management, and much more. Your favorite teams and leagues are front and center, so you can share your passion and comment on ongoing or recent games using Yellfy's social timeline.

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