Laminart Introduces New Online Visualizer Tool

Laminart Introduces New Online Visualizer Tool
Schaumburg, IL, April 12, 2017 --( Laminart is expanding its digital presence with the introduction of its online Visualizer. This tool allows users to select a design space from a variety of options, and customize it to fit their design style using Laminart’s collection of laminates and veneers. These unique spaces provide opportunities for designers to explore Laminart’s design portfolio.

Laminart designs are enticing. The rich pearlescent prints add depth and light play to designs, and the Visualizer showcases these sophisticated offerings in high resolution, full scale renderings.

Engaging and intuitive, the newly launched Visualizer online tool allows designers to interact with Laminart designs in realistic applications. Choose premium finishes for countertops, panels, furniture and fixtures, and complete the scene with floor and wall color.

“Laminart has a beautiful, distinctive collection of designs, including our Pearlescence and Premium Wood Print collections. The Visualizer helps our customers see what our designs will look like full scale in application,” said Kevin Geijer, general manager of Laminart.

The leading-edge user interface makes it easy to explore Laminart’s full line and change details with the push of a button. Grouped by color, collection and finish, Visualizer provides designers a space to experiment with design options.

Users can share attention-grabbing designs on social media, print for impressive client presentations, or save their designs to an online portfolio.

Fueled by fashion, Visualizer creates in real time. “As we add to our surfacing collections, we will update the Visualizer with the latest additions,” Geijer said. “Our customers will always have access to the newest designs in the Laminart collection.”

Stay tuned for 22 new on-trend designs launching in June 2017.

Learn more about Laminart’s premium collections and experience the Visualizer at
Magda Zagdanska