New Travel Guide Highlights All That Makes Boulder, Boulder

The Ultimate Guide to Boulder, Colorado. Written exclusively by local experts.

New Travel Guide Highlights All That Makes Boulder, Boulder
Boulder, CO, May 04, 2017 --( If Colorado’s hot, Boulder’s the spark.

People continue to move to Colorado and tourism continues to break records. Last year, Colorado broke 77.7 million visitors, according to the Colorado Tourism Office.

While some locals are grumbling about the increased traffic and cost of living, others are opening their arms at the chance to share this amazing state with the world.

That’s the category Go Visit Media, a group of travel-savvy Colorado natives and long-timers based in Boulder, falls into.

Go Visit Media just launched, the most comprehensive digital guide to beautiful Boulder, written exclusively by locals, including: Aimee Heckel, a longtime Boulder Daily Camera columnist and nationally known travel writer; Cindy Sutter, former food editor at the Daily Camera, and utilizing the work of talented Boulder photographers Ann Duncan and Emily Taylor.

TravelBoulder offers tons of insider tips and presents the beauty of Boulder in a way that you can’t find anywhere else.

Boulder consistently ranks at the top of lists of the best Colorado cities to visit. In fact, Boulder boasts 3.3 million visitor days every year*. Downtown alone sees more than 1.2 million visitors annually.

Travel continues to grow, too. The number of hotel beds is expected to surge by 25 percent in the next year.

Between the University of Colorado campus, the internationally renowned sports and cultural events, the beauty and adventure of the Flatiron Mountains, and the total quirkiness of the community (truly like nowhere else on Earth), Boulder is pretty darn special, and TravelBoulder wants to honor that.

Locals and tourists alike will get a kick out of the site’s happy hour highlights, easy-to-navigate event calendar and stories about hidden gem trails, the coolest shops, the best places for a meditation escape, and so much more.

Go Visit Media was established Jan. 3 as the newest company of Campus Publishers, an established Boulder company that puts out more than 45 high-quality university guides around the nation, including CU’s guide. It was a logical extension of expertise and passion to expand services to guide more people, beyond students.

Campus Publishers and Go Visit Media are 100 percent privately owned by Boulder residents Jill Nagel-Brice and John R. Brice. TravelBoulder is Boulder, all the way to the core.

Other fun facts about tourism in Boulder:

The economic impact of visitors on Boulder: $442 million.*

Celestial Seasonings had 146,497 visitors take their tour last year.

125,000 people attended the Boulder Creek Fair last year.

70,000 people attended the Conference on World Affairs at CU.

The Bolder Boulder has 54,000 runners.

5.3 million people used Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks, with its 151 miles of trails.

* “A visitor-day (night) refers to one person staying one day in Boulder for day visitors, and one visitor staying one night in Boulder for overnight visitors. A party of three people staying two nights would be six visitor days. Day visitors are counted once per person in the visitor-day calculation.” Source: Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau 2015 Economic Impact of Tourism
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