A New Approach to Fix the Budget Crisis

A New Approach to Fix the Budget Crisis
Springfield, IL, May 16, 2017 --(PR.com)-- A recently formed not-for-profit organization, whose motto is Let's Fix Illinois, has announced an innovative Jobs Plan. Founder and President, Bjarne Jensen, stated, "Our Jobs Plan will end the budget and pension crisis with a new approach to the problem." Let’s Fix Illinois proposes to create an abundance of jobs in Illinois by marketing Illinois online degree programs to students in China and elsewhere, thereby creating jobs in Illinois in higher education.

“US higher education is the envy of the world and Illinois is the second most popular academic destination for wealthy international students.” Mr. Jensen points out that “there are more than a billion prospective international students who can afford U.S. tuition but cannot afford to come here for their education. Online learning is the only avenue for them to earn a coveted US degree.”

Let’s Fix Illinois proposes to leverage that international desire for a US education by hosting enrollment seminars in China and elsewhere, promoting all 68 Illinois colleges and universities which offer online degree programs. In only ten years, Let’s Fix Illinois will enroll 500,000 international online students per year, which will require 392,000 new jobs in higher education.

“Tax revenues from 392,000 new, middle-class jobs, will be sufficient to resolve the state’s budget crisis,” according to Mr. Jensen. “It is a growth driven jobs plan that will generate $11.5 billion additional tax revenues each year, enough funding for legislators to create a budget without the need for contentious debate over cutting services or raising income tax rates.”

If you believe job growth is the key to fixing the state budget and restoring prosperity in Illinois, tax-deductible donations can be made at the Let’s fix Illinois website.
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