New MedEZ™ Features During Q1 2017

This year, MedEZ™ is introducing multiple innovations, and new ways of making Complex Easy, striving to provide the best technology solutions and tools to advance Behavioral Healthcare facility operations. Their work is focused on automation of daily activities, allowing facility operators and staff to focus on patients, not paperwork.

New MedEZ™ Features During Q1 2017
Davie, FL, May 24, 2017 --( Opting for a Better Clinical Charting.

When it comes to medical records, every user has their preference, and chooses an EHR solution based on this. Most of the applications offer one or the other way of medical charting. MedEZ™, on the other hand, presents a variety of ways to record clinical data. This allows an unsurpassed flexibility and efficiency for the charting process, and creates a substantial cost saving for the owners.

In effort to maximize the time with the patient, many resort to the medical dictation and transcription. Others opt for click-and-save methods of medical charting.

The clinical note options in MedEZ™ are introduced through the custom note creation process, as well as through the Note Designer tool, and, lastly, through introduction of the Dictation Method (speech-2-text). In all fairness, all methods can be effective, and one should not have to choose just one way of charting.

The True Costs of Traditional Transcription

Transcription services are still recognized and widely used in the industry, yet they introduce a significant time and financial constrains, associated with that. While it may not be as noticeable for the smaller clinics, the transcription expenses impose a sizeable budgetary burden on the larger facilities.

The introduction of the voice recognition software has provided the means of lowering the transcription costs and speeding efficiency. Yet, using multiple tools and systems throughout the day can also complicate and slow down the process.

MedEZ™ Clinical Dictation Tool:

The new MedEZ™ Clinical Dictation Tool creates a smarter and a more productive environment at your practice. With fast, accurate speech recognition and transcription, the Clinical Notes are done in a matter of minutes. The tool is fully integrated into the MedEZ™ application, and presents a viable opportunity for get away with transcription services and the user of additional tools.

MedEZ™ Dictation utilizes the with the speech software of your choice (Microsoft, Dragon, or others) to provide the comfort and accuracy for your charting. The information is transcribed with accuracy, compliance, and flexibility.

Click-and-Save Note Option

Traditionally, MedEZ™ is offering a custom clinical note creation, which presents an effective and viable alternative to the dictation process. A great advantage of this method is having your facility notes custom created by the professional team, and allowing the users to chart through multiple-choice process.

Clinical Note designer

The Note Designer is yet another high – tech MedEZ™ offering allowing the smart custom creation of the notes right at the facility. The tool presents the ability to recreate the original note in the digital format, and introduce all required options in a matter of hours.

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