Pediatric Surgical Associates of Orange County Celebrate New Location

Upcoming Open House Welcomes Community Doctors to Pediatric Surgical Associates’ New Setting.

Orange, CA, August 30, 2017 --( Upcoming Open House Welcomes Community Doctors to Pediatric Surgical Associates’ New Setting.

For over two decades, the Pediatric Surgical Associates of Orange County have been serving the community’s kids. Through passionate, personalized care, they transform what can be a very scary time in a child’s life into a comfortable, healing experience. Dr. German, one of the pediatric surgeons, says, “Because of the way we run our practice, we have very positive outcomes.” Dr. Lam, the other surgeon, adds, “Availability, accountability, and reliability are very important to us.”

What’s more, the Pediatric Surgical Associates recently made a change to further improve their patient families’ experiences. They have moved to a new location.

Practice Director Sheri Brown explains, “As our lease came up, we wanted to find a spot that was a little more conducive for everyone. We're in a less congested area with more space - it's easier for the patients to get in and out.”

On Wednesday, September 6th, the Pediatric Surgical Associates will open the doors of their new location to community doctors, nurses, administrators, OCMA members, and healthplan colleagues. Their open house will run from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. Local healthcare professionals are invited to drop in and join them for some incredible food, drinks, and fun.

“It's going to be an evening of celebrating our move to a very comfortable office where we have our own floor,” Dr. German says of the open house. He went on to explain the benefits of the new location. “We have urgent care downstairs and will have a pharmacy in the near future, allowing better access to immediate supportive care.”

“I’m very excited because this is a new chapter for us,” says Dr. Lam. “We have a new place, a new home. It’s a very friendly environment.”

The new location exemplifies Pediatric Surgical Associates’ dedication to delivering top-tier care. Dr. Lam says he hopes that the new setting will help families feel comfortable while visiting them. “I’m a father, so I always want to put myself in the family’s shoes,” he says. “I aim to put myself out there and treat every patient like my own two daughters. I hope that everyone will come and share our new home with us.”

The Pediatric Surgical Associates aim to make the community aware that their services are available to everyone, and they hope the new location will help them serve more families. “We're independent so we're able to service the entire community,” Brown says. “We make sure that patient care and access to care is our top priority.” And, she adds, “Our doctors are just amazing!”

About Pediatric Surgical Associates of Orange County

The Pediatric Surgical Associates serve Orange County and the surrounding area through expert surgical care for kids. They offer consultations, cutting-edge procedures, and dedicated support for the children and their families.

For more information, please visit or contact Sheri Brown at or (714) 361-4496.
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