LegacyArmour Named Top 10 InsurTech Company for 2017

Minneapolis, MN, December 14, 2017 --(PR.com)-- LegacyArmour -- the premier business asset, personal information, and healthcare information protection and delivery site -- is proud to announce that it has been named as one of the Top 10 InsureTech startup companies of 2017 by Insurance CIO Outlook magazine.

"We have been growing quickly this year as businesses and individuals alike discover how easy it is to preserve and protect their digital assets using our unique service. The insurance industry has been especially receptive to our service as they discover how we can drastically reduce both their and their client’s risk."
– Sahar Ismail, LegacyArmour CEO

Anyone who has information that they want protected, and want to ensure is delivered to someone else, even if they themselves are no longer around, can benefit from LegacyArmour Services. LegacyArmour is the only site in the world that provides this fully automatic service and has patents pending on both the delivery of information after a triggering event and on LegacyArmour’s unique and elegant method of encrypting information without requiring the person storing the information or the recipient to remember a passphrase.

There has always been a conundrum with leaving information to others. If you encrypt the information so it is secure, then the recipient needs to know the passphrase and they need to remember it possibly for years. If it isn’t encrypted, then the information could be compromised and accessed by anyone.

LegacyArmour has figured out how to address both of these issues in an insightful, secure, and user-friendly fashion. Other sights provide similar services, but they address only half of the problem.

"Insurance and Cybersecurity naturally fit hand in hand. Anything that reduces risk makes a person or corporation more easily insurable. Our business asset and personal information protection plans reduce the risk loss from malware, ransomware, fire, flood, and most other common threats. We are proud that Insurance CIO Outlook magazine recognizes our rapid growth in this sector."
- Michael T. Lester, CISM, CIPP/US, Chairman, LegacyArmour

About LegacyArmour
LegacyArmour is the only service in the world that provides full end-to-end encryption of personal information coupled with a unique and patent pending process for delivering that information to the right person at the right time. LegacyArmour ensures that your important information is delivered to the people you designate on a future date or after your death or incapacitation. It is a personal time capsule and a smart, virtual safe deposit box rolled into one.

See how it’s done by watching our “How It Works” video on our website, or find out more online at https://www.LegacyArmour.com or join the thousands of others that like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LegacyArmour/ or on Twitter at @TheLegacyArmour.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Sahar Ismail at 844-UR-LEGACY (844-875-3422) extension 100, or email at admin@LegacyArmour.com.
Sahar Ismail