South African Government Served with Secession Notice by The Afrikaner Society

The president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma was served with a notice of intent to Secede by the sheriff of Pretoria on Friday December 15th 2017 by the Afrikaner Society.

South African Government Served with Secession Notice by The Afrikaner Society
Dallas, TX, December 21, 2017 --( The Society is grateful for the selfless sacrifices, years of hard work and perseverance of all stakeholders, to make a united free, non-racial, and prosperous Afrikaner nation a reality, the co-presidents of the Afrikaner Society Hein Marx and Hannes Louw announced.

"This action and notice should be considered as the end of an era where marginalization and disregard of the basic human rights of the Afrikaner have become the accepted norm in South Africa. Afrikaners will no longer be oppressed in a region where they are the outright majority and where Afrikaner nation originated centuries before the formation of South Africa."
- Hannes Louw, Co-President of the Afrikaner Society

The notice makes it clear that The Afrikaner Society are in the advanced stages of planning to secede from South Africa and that the Presidency and South African government should take notice. The society remains committed to a legal and democratic process where the population of the region with have the final decision.

Attached is a copy of the notice that was served to the President's office.

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Copy Of Letter to Jacob Zuma

Copy Of Letter to Jacob Zuma

Signed Letter of Secession Notice delivered to the President of South Africa - Jacob Zuma on 15 December 2017