Keeping IDentities Safe Warns Jammed TSA Lines, Missed Flights, and Angry Passengers Could be in Californians’ Future, Should They Fail to Upgrade to a Gold-Star License

Keeping IDentities Safe Warns Jammed TSA Lines, Missed Flights, and Angry Passengers Could be in Californians’ Future, Should They Fail to Upgrade to a Gold-Star License
Washington, DC, February 06, 2018 --( Keeping IDentities Safe, a Washington D.C. based non-profit, is pleased to recognize that the California Department of Motor Vehicles began issuing REAL ID-compliant licenses and ID cards at DMV offices on Jan. 22, 2018.

Jammed TSA lines, missed flights, and angry passengers could be in Californians’ future, should they fail to upgrade to a gold-star driver’s license or ID.

Brian Zimmer, President of Keeping IDentities Safe stated, “It’s incredibly important to the nation’s air travelers that the California DMV is now offering REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses. More Californians hold driver’s licenses as a percent of population than nearly any other state, and a large percentage of the 27 million who have current driver’s licenses will need to obtain one that is REAL ID compliant. That’s because California residents not only drive more than residents of other states, they also fly more often. More than 80 million plane boarding’s occur at the eleven largest airports in the state, of which at least half are California residents. Although Californians can continue to use their current driver’s licenses until October, 2020, waiting until the deadline is near will be risky. It’s likely tens of thousands will swamp DMV offices by summer two years from now.”

California is the largest state in the United States, and residents who live and work there are licensed drivers, who use their DMV issued credential to vote, access secure federal facilities, board commercial airplanes, and much more. Therefore, the importance of issuing REAL ID compliant driver’s licenses is monumental in California, as it will ensure that millions of circulated IDs will be in the hands of legitimate individuals and out of the clutches of wrong-doers. For too long, driver’s licenses have been used by career criminals to commit fraud, steal identities, and undermine our national security, but due to the adoption of REAL ID standards in states like California, that is ceasing to be the case.

After October 1, 2020, people presenting driver’s licenses or state issued IDs marked as non-compliant with REAL ID issuance requirements will need to present alternative identification proofs, such as a passport, passport card or a federal issued travel document such as TSA-PRE or Global Entry cards. According to California officials, there are over 27 million driver’s license and ID card holders in the state, therefore those included in that number who lack a passport or alternative ID will have to renew their license before the deadline to maintain their lifestyles. While approximately 6.5 million customers renew their license in California each year, those numbers are likely to increase as the enforcement deadline approaches.

October, 2020 will be a very hectic month for business travelers, airlines and the Transportation Security Administration should California residents put off this license upgrade. But this can be avoided, as there is no penalty for doing so early, and no incentive to wait for the deadline, so citizens would be wise to avoid the headaches of airport complications, and become REAL ID compliant drivers today.

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