Predictive Health Devices Inc. - 2018 Latest Health/Medical Technology

Newest Health Technology Innovations; Predictive Health Devices Inc. is a new company driven to improve the quality of life of baby boomers and aging communities through new advanced technologies. Now following years of research, Predictive Health Devices has determined the top lifesaving advancements in innovative health care creating stability and security for all age groups and their families and significantly reducing the cost of healthcare and quality of life.

Predictive Health Devices Inc. - 2018 Latest Health/Medical Technology
Stafford, VA, February 19, 2018 --( Predictive Health Devices Inc. – For over 25 years their team through their parent Company – Medical Nurse Training Inc. has been involved in the emerging healthcare area of Proactive and Predictive Healthcare. PHD (Predictive Health Devices) consulted with most top hospitals and healthcare organizations to provide fall prevention monitoring and advice on numerous valuable technologies to improve patient safety and risk. This approach has saved thousands of facilities millions of dollars in unnecessary risk and patient injury.

Predictive Health Device's team is dedicated to reducing negative medical outcomes at home and in healthcare facilities, improving the continuum of care wherever necessary through Predictive and Proactive Medical technologies and integration of Artificial Intelligence creating in many instances a virtual caregiver. PHD's mission is to provide quality training to caregivers and their partners to insure the best solutions available.

Predictive Health Devices has partnered with three prestigious leaders in these fields to provide the most predictive, proactive and game changing Healthcare available following years of research.

2018 Latest Health/Medical Technology

Helo – Advanced Life Changing Wrist Wearable Monitoring System - Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Breath Rate and Much More included

Care-Coach – Providing a low cost Certified Wireless Caregiver / Avatar

Hip-Hope – Multi-sensor smart wearable belt, detects impending falls, deployable air bags

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