Hosanna Transitional Living Opens Sober Living Home for Teens

Hosanna Transitional Living opened a Christian-based post-treatment transitional housing and sober living environment for adolescent males in Castro Valley, California. The sober living program is a much needed addition to California’s current substance abuse treatment matrix due to a severe shortage in adolescent transitional living.

Hosanna Transitional Living Opens Sober Living Home for Teens
Castro Valley, CA, February 27, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Hosanna Transitional Living, an innovative provider of teen transitional housing programs in Castro Valley, California, has opened a new six-bed transitional living environment for adolescent males between the ages of 12 and 18 who have successfully completed a drug and alcohol treatment program. The sober living environment is designed to provide the best chance of success in early recovery for teens and their families who are strongly motivated to change their life. The six-bed facility offers 24/7 supervision, onsite school support, required parenting education, case management, local transportation and full room and board for its residents.

“After the successful completion of substance abuse treatment, the first 90 days are the most critical for your family and the success of your son. Many teens succumb to relapse due to the stress and difficulty of reuniting with the family and returning to old friends. We started Hosanna Transitional Living because we identified strong needs for this type of support in our area and are uniquely positioned to provide it,” says Sherrie Rager, Ph.D., Program Director at Hosanna Transitional Living.

After a teen completes treatment, many neighborhoods and friends lead to one thing - relapse. Fear, anxiety, controlling behaviors, and dysfunctional family patterns also place an enormous burden on teens in early recovery who are struggling to incorporate the tools they've learned in treatment. These factors often lead to the need to self-medicate. At Hosanna Transitional Living, your son is surrounded by a positive environment, provided with a skills building daily living structure, and reunified with the family under the supervision of a case manager who is trained help the family work through obstacles.

“Treatment success rates are low for adults but are even lower for adolescents. Part of what we do is give teens time to build healthy new habits that become their way of life. Parents are required to attend a parenting educational course with their teen to build successful parenting strategies and skills that give them the best chance of success. Research has shown that teens who are successful in substance abuse treatment have parents who are involved and growing at the same time,” says Verne Teyler, Founder of Hosanna Transitional Living.

Residents can expect to focus on their ongoing recovery. Activities including attending recovery meetings, meeting regularly with their case manager, daily house meetings, outside counseling/therapy appointments, and spiritual growth activities. All residents are required to attend full-time school, work or volunteer activities. Chores, regular meal times and work assignments around the ranch provide structure, strong work ethic, skill building and prevent boredom. Random drug testing, 24-hour supervision, and internet and phone usage monitoring/tracking ensure safety and adherence to recovery principles.

About Hosanna Transitional Living

Hosanna Transitional Living is much more than just a sober living environment; it's a community and a family. Our mission is to provide teenage males a safe and positive, post-treatment environment based on Christian values and educate parents on creating the same at home. Built before the 1900’s, the 3,000 square foot Hosanna House features seven rooms, three full bathrooms, and a pool. Hosanna Ranch is a 90-acre working cattle ranch in Castro Valley, California. Hosanna Boys Ranch was established in 1973 and has cared for over 800 foster children. For more information about our services, visit our website at https://www.hosannatransitionalliving.org or call us at 510-766-1057.
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