Mexico Tourism: The Most Thrilling Destinations and Attractions Recommended by Koox Diving

Mexico has a wealth of popular tourism features from the sun and the beach to cuisine, architecture, cultural, and historic experiences. Take a look at modern Mexico tourism and the most thrilling destinations and attractions to visit.

Mexico Tourism: The Most Thrilling Destinations and Attractions Recommended by Koox Diving
Tulum, Mexico, March 03, 2018 --( Recommended destinations


This secret oasis is green, mountainous, and full of waterfalls, forest, and ancient ruins. Ciudad Valles is the second largest town and has a wonderful choice of hotels and restaurants. You can spend your time canoeing, hiking, and visiting the Tamul falls. You’ll be able to organise a trip with locals to navigate up the river, and the Cave of Swallows attracts over a million birds in the early morning and late evening.

Templo Mayor and Teotihuacan

Situated just off the main square at Templo Mayor are the newest pyramids to explore. The excavation site displays stone-carved snakes, and other Aztec artifacts. An hour outside the city is Teotihuacan which hosts two giant pyramids with the Pyramid of the Sun measuring 213 feet tall – you can climb to the tops of both. This area is an archaeological heaven with digs and research still going on.


This monumental underwater museum of art was formed in the waters surrounding Cancun. It consists of 500 permanent life-sized sculptures and is one of the largest and most ambitious underwater artificial attractions in the world. All of the sculptures are fixed to the sea bed and made from specialised materials to promote coral life.

Yucatan and Tulum

The Yucatan peninsula is well known for ocean front hotspots Tulum and Holbox, as well as for its Mayan culture, colourful colonial architecture, and local flavours. You’ll be able to experience all of this in a unique and luxurious way when you drive through the back roads of this tropical jungle.

Recommended attractions

See the activities and things to do provided by Koox Diving, Tulum, Mexico:

Ground Day Tour

This exciting day includes visiting the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve which is a World Heritage Site and the 3rd largest wildlife conservation area in Mexico. You’ll also see the sacred Mayan ruins at the ancient ceremonial centre, and view more than 400 species of wildlife within the exuberant jungle. Taking the Canan Ha Path you’ll experience wonderful views form the elevated walk board.

The small boat tour starts at the Muyil lagoon, passes through the ancient Mayan channel, before reaching Maya Xlapak with its savannah and mangroves surrounded by orchids. You’ll also be able to sample typical Malayan food such as traditional candies, cacao, and honey.

Kite surfing in Tulum

Tulum is the perfect place to improve your kitesurfing skills. The beach jungle environment has beautiful sightseeing locations where you’ll spot incredible wildlife while riding the wind on your kiteboard. This amazing experience is heightened by the epic waves in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, with secret beaches known only by the locals, and huge salty lagoons and wild mangroves.

You’ll need to book your private kitesurfing adventure about 5-7 days in advance and pay a 50% deposit to guarantee your reservation. Your session will last three hours and be given by a senior level instructor. All equipment is included with lunch and refreshing drinks.

Bull sharks diving

Your diving with Bull Sharks will be an experience of a lifetime. This extreme scuba diving is suitable for divers with advanced open water certification as getting so close to these powerful creatures will pump up your adrenalin! The reefs around Playa del Carmen are where the sharks migrate to in the winter months to give birth, and these are the best dive sites.

After the weather conditions have been checked your bull shark diving adventure will begin. You’ll be picked up from your arranged location, and plans will be discussed on the way to Playa del Carmen. The perfect diving spot in Tulum is about 20 minutes further on, and you’ll dive twice with your instructors. The equipment is all included in the price and sessions are available from November to March.

Crocodile night dive

This unique adventure gives you the chance to watch the crocodiles in their natural habitat at night. It’s completely safe with the accompaniment of a crocodile guide, a diver and a kayak assistant. The open cenote under the stars will show three or four crocodiles as they busily feed. The dive is performed beneath the crocodiles by torchlight as the crocodiles float on the water surface.

Cenote diving

Natural sinkholes are formed from limestone bedrock and the cenote is created when the limestone is dissolved by rainwater action. As the cavity grows in size the roof finally falls away and you’ll be able to explore the beauty of these amazing Tulum cenotes by diving or snorkelling.

It’s in the deepest cenotes where the halocline effects are the most glorious. The different density of water changes the temperature and the buoyancy. The complex intertwined passages between the cenotes explode into fascinating visual effects with cenotes open to the sky or with intact overhead domes.

What do I need to go to Mexico?

If you’re travelling from the US or Canada you’ll need to check that all of the following identification or documents are valid:

Passport – the best form of identification and proof of citizenship

Passport card – this credit-card size passport substitute is valid for entry into Mexico by land or sea, but not accepted for air travel

Enhanced drivers licence – as before these identity and citizenship proofs are not valid for air travel, only for land or sea entry

SENTRI card – these are issued by the US Customs and Border to pre-approved travellers who cross the US/Mexico border and are valid for five years

FAST card – pre-approved commercial truck drivers can obtain these cards for expedited travel between US/Mexico borders through dedicated lanes

For citizens of other countries you’ll need a passport, and sometimes a Visa is also required. For specific information about your situation simply contact the Mexican Embassy.

And finally...

Choose Mexico as your holiday destination and you certainly will get the vacation of a lifetime. Winning the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for 2015,2016, and 2017, you know that the adventure centres in Tulum and Playa del Carmen will fulfill all of your dreams and more.
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