XECAN Integrates Palm, Facial Recognition and RFID Identification Devices to MOSAIQ via Its Software, Bringing Improvements to Delivery of Care

XECAN Integrates Palm, Facial Recognition and RFID Identification Devices to MOSAIQ via Its Software, Bringing Improvements to Delivery of Care
Canton, MA, April 03, 2018 --(PR.com)-- XECAN today announced its compatibility with Elekta’s MOSAIQ Patient Verification and Patient Queuing Modules to bring biometric/RFID workflow improvement solutions to Elekta’s MOSAIQ.

Using smart ID technology, XECAN improves clinical workflow and patient satisfaction through the use of automation technology, removing human factors from the delivery of services. In addition to patient queuing and patient verification functions, XECAN also enables RFID-based accessory verification, helping therapists quickly verify personalized treatment accessories, such as vacuum bags and bolus material, adding assurance that personalized radiation therapy is carried out accurately according to each patient’s treatment plan.

XECAN is a member of Elekta’s third party Vendor Interoperability Program (VIP) and, based on the vendor’s tests in accordance with the Vendor Interoperability Program, XECAN validated its system’s use with Elekta’s MOSAIQ® oncology information system.

After joining Elekta’s VIP as one of its first partners, XECAN has been working closely with the Elekta MOSAIQ team in the integration of patient verification and patient queuing with smart technology such as, palm scanning, facial recognition and RFID. These leading-edge technologies extend core MOSAIQ functions bringing human factor improvements to patient care and staff workflows. Not only have these solutions been successfully integrated with on-site MOSAIQ deployment, they have also recently been successfully integrated with a cloud-based MOSAIQ implementation for both patient queuing and patient verification in treatment rooms. The cloud-based solution has been operational in clinical use since October 2017.

“Since MOSAIQ is one of most used EMR systems in radiation clinics, it is vital for any third-party solution to fully integrate with MOSAIQ to best improve clinic quality of care,” said Bin Yang, Ph.D., CEO of XECAN. “Through its VIP program, Elekta demonstrated its desire to build a support system for innovators bringing leading-edge technology to MOSAIQ clinics. XECAN is proud to be one of the first partners in the program, and the results are very positive for our mutual customers.”

Xecan is a full patient care and safety management system, which supports both Aria and Mosaiq R&V systems and all types of treatment machines. Based on RFID and biometric tracking capability, Xecan has the following three major function modules: Smart RFID Reception, Patient & Accessory Verification, plus Smart Exam Room & Patient Tracking Whiteboards.

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