Provato Redefines Corporate Screening Through Implementation of a Custom Enterprise Solution

Background screening company finds improved ROI in building a customized solution with Provato.

Cleveland, OH, July 17, 2018 --( After more than two years of planning and development, Middleburg Heights-based Corporate Screening has successfully launched its new enterprise-level background screening investigative software solution.

The new platform, reimagined and reconfigured from scratch, impacts every aspect of the company’s operations. A project of this magnitude required a collaborative process – and a partner skilled in project management to make it happen.

“We knew we needed a partner who understood our desire to revitalize our business systems, but also one who was willing to take the time to understand our company and the industry,” says Greg Dubecky, president of Corporate Screening. “We were fortunate enough to find Provato right here in Cleveland.”

To assure project requirements were defined accurately and entirely from the start, Provato facilitated discovery workshops with stakeholders across the company to capture information. Provato then created a comprehensive requirements document, an easy-to-understand summary of processes for the business community and solution providers. During this series of workshops, Corporate Screening and Provato worked together to analyze the business situation, identify business problems, and define solutions.

With the newly envisioned business processes defined, Provato was able to design an intuitive system that automates many tasks that were once done manually. The solution enabled the employees of Corporate Screening to streamline processes with the intention of performing background investigations in less time without sacrificing quality, improving customer service.

But it didn’t stop there. Corporate Screening’s client-facing portal, EASE, was also redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. EASE now has an updated look that brings key tasks and activities front-and center, increasing efficiencies and enhancing workflow along the way.

“This platform, quite simply, redefines who we are. We’ve always been a background screening leader, but now we’re a technology leader,” Dubecky says.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with the entire team at Corporate Screening. It has been through their experience that my team has been able to provide a solution that fits the organization so well. Dedication to the project came from the top, which is imperative of enterprise-level solutions,” says Suzanne Marquart, VP of Project Services at Provato.

“Because close collaboration between the two companies was maintained, we’ve been able to take the pain points out of the background investigation process, which allows cases to flow seamlessly through the system. The Corporate Screening support team will now operate from the mindset of spending time on the exceptions, rather than having to focus on the minutiae. The system’s built-in features will also track every step that is performed over every specific search or verification. This enables Corporate Screening to offer transparency to their clients, and EASE puts that information immediately right at their fingertips,” continues Marquart.

Provato believes that its growth is a testament to its commitment to delivering quality, cost-effective solutions to their clients time and again. Furthering its dedication to building and maintaining trust with its clients, Provato has been pleased to work with Corporate Screening to envision and implement their custom enterprise software.

About Corporate Screening
Corporate Screening is a Cleveland-based provider of background screening solutions for many of the nation’s top employers and schools. Its proprietary technology leverages automation and a one-of-a-kind decision engine with an experienced team to deliver a quality background screening solution in less time. As a leading consultant to human resources, corporate security professionals, and program managers, Corporate Screening’s unparalleled technology and services redefine value in background screening.

About Provato
The Provato Group is a Cleveland-based IT Staffing and Consulting firm that was founded in 2010. With a focus on quality and customer service, Provato maintains a team of highly skilled in-house technicians and has a strong network of contract consultants, which enables a diverse solution offering for their clients. Provato supports a wide range of clients and industries and has established long-term relationships with a significant number of companies.

Media Contact: Jeff Zart, Provato: 440-546-0768
Levi Perkins, Corporate Screening: 440-816-0500

Source: Provato, LLC

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