cliexa Acquires Preventative Technology Solutions Inc.

cliexa® has acquired Colorado-based Preventative Technology Solutions Inc. and will incorporate their digital health solutions for adolescent resiliency into cliexa's existing platform for chronic care management.

cliexa Acquires Preventative Technology Solutions Inc.
Denver, CO, October 25, 2018 --( cliexa, Inc., developer of a mobile software platform for chronic disease management, announces their decision today to acquire Preventative Technology Solutions Inc. (PTSI), a provider of medical assessment applications and mHealth prevention services for adolescents and young adults. Preventative Technology Solutions was a winner of the Prime Health Challenge in 2016.

cliexa had previously licensed PTSI’s assessment technology to launch cliexa-OPTIONS, a suite of behavioral health apps for primary care instantly identifying risk level for sexual activity, substance use and other issues for adolescents. cliexa-OPTIONS is perfect for primary care and specialty clinics that need to screen adolescents for depression, suicide risk, anxiety sexual risk, and substance abuse. Major health systems, including UC Health Longmont are leveraging the risk screening assessments in its clinic.

The product, cliexa-OPTIONS, delivers precise, evidence-based assessments that patients complete on a tablet in the physician’s office before their appointment, creating a structured report using proprietary algorithms for each risk area. The reproductive health app supports early identification of patients at highest risk of acquiring an STD or experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. All the screening apps identify both risk and resiliency in adolescents.

With this acquisition, cliexa will build on its innovative healthcare technology solutions to foster a platform that is designed to educate and assess a technologically-literate generation of adolescents on the importance of understanding their behavioral health and allow physicians to identify and monitor at-risk individuals easily. This leads to more in-depth conversations between patients and their physicians which is a significant step necessary to reduce costs and chronic conditions often associated with adolescent behavioral health.

“I know that the power of the cliexa platform maximizes patient-reported outcomes,” says Co-Founder of PTSI, Lisa Rue, Ph.D., who has joined the cliexa team in a new role as a Senior Advisor and Policy Advisor. “Our clients love the user-friendly interface, structured, intelligent reports and mobile health technology. We envision improved access for primary care physicians, public and private clinics saving time, improving reimbursement, and reducing long-term negative health outcomes by partnering with the cliexa-OPTIONS platforms.”

Mehmet Kazgan, Co-Founder and CEO of cliexa, says, “Our partnership with Preventative Technology Solutions Inc was a great milestone in 2017 while expanding cliexa’s capabilities with adolescents sexual risk prediction and monitoring features. With this acquisition, cliexa adds unique values to its variety of clinical assessment and monitoring platforms for exclusive resiliency screening model which is very crucial for pediatrics and primary care services.”

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The mobile platform technology developed by cliexa enables patients to track their chronic disease activity by quantifying symptoms using scientifically-proven and clinically-validated scoring models. cliexa delivers quantified disease activity and medication adherence through patient-reported outcomes through real-time integration to electronic medical records, which streamline processes and increase efficiency in population health management.

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