Rural Charity Event Sponsored by Diamond Expert Navneet Goenka

Navneet Goenka diamond veteran, sponsors the rural India Divali charity event. School children from the remote Wai villlage in the State of Satara (India) were invited to attend the Divali party.

Rural Charity Event Sponsored by Diamond Expert Navneet Goenka
Mumbai, India, November 10, 2018 --( Divali, the festival of lights, is a popular festival celebrated across India. The sad part is that, celebrating the festival costs money – something that is scarce among rural folk.

Navneet Goenka, the Managing Director of Goenka Diamonds and promoter of the Glitzkoin diamond blockchain project, decided to brighten Divali for a group of school children in the remote village of Wai (Satara) in India.

Talking about his thought process, the diamond veteran explains, "...there was no point in waiting to make myself free ... hearing about what Aarambh the reputed NGO, had done for women and children in the Wai village, I decided to leave it to them. They came up with an awesome plan, I supported it financially and assured them of any other help that would be required."

Students from a government run school were invited to attend the event held on the school premises. Children were allowed to take center stage as the event began, the kids passed the microphone around as they sang a few popular Indian movie songs. Hearing that the kids preferred being treated to snacks, rather than a regular meal – the Aarambh team plated some of the most popular snacks. The children enjoyed the cream biscuits, wafers and samosas. "Frooti" fruit juice, extremely popular among school kids, went down well with the snacks.

Aarambh staff and volunteers took the opportunity to weave in a tiny session where, the children were given tips related to personal hygiene. The fun filled atmosphere went down well with the kids, each of them were given a comb, a toothbrush, a soap and toothpaste – a fitting reward for their efforts. There were many more gifts that the children had waited for, Navneet Goenka had carefully prepared the gift list after discussions with Aarambh.

The tech savvy diamond expert narrated his childhood experience, " parents always pushed us to study. Dad explained that our flourishing diamond business, was no excuse to ignore education. He would often tell us not to be in a rush to join the business, acquiring general knowledge and life skills were much more important..."

The gifts for the children reflected the importance that the Glitzkoin CEO placed on child education. Backpacks to hold their books and other school related items are things that, many village children could only dream of. There was a backpack filled with a tiffin box, pencil box and a few notebooks, for each kid. Surely this was the prize gift that, the children had been eyeing ever since they entered the hall.

The children ambled out of the hall, smiles all over their bright faces. Parents waiting to pick their kids, were obviously thrilled to see the little ones bursting with happiness and excitement. A memorable Divali moment for everyone, a time to reflect on future plans for Navneet.

The diamond veteran had this to say about the event, "...a great success, an awesome feeling to spread the brightness of Divali to a far corner of our country. We will be arranging more such events preferably through Aarambh, in the near future. I honestly hope that other business houses will consider helping the lesser fortunate in our society."
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