Marc Brailov Public Relations Expands Services for Startups and Emerging Firms

Marc Brailov Public Relations Expands Services for Startups and Emerging Firms
Chicago, IL, December 18, 2018 --( Marc Brailov Global Public Relations, providing comprehensive public relations and corporate communications services since April 2014, has expanded its services for startups and emerging companies.

Startups and emerging companies usually require specialized public relations assistance as they begin to showcase themselves to targeted customers and prospects, potential investors and the public at large.

Overall strategic PR planning, external messaging development, initial media outreach, website creation and harnessing of social media are all critical components of successful public relations for new companies. And thorough training in the basis of public relations often needs to precede all those formal PR efforts -- for failure to do so can directly imperil the very viability of a new or emerging company.

But even training in the PR basics may be inadequate for a company as it unveils itself to the world, as every new company can face challenges wholly unique to them – necessitating training and PR approaches as unique as those challenges.

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Marc Brailov has an extensive track record -- +20 years -- of noteworthy success in all dimensions of global public relations, corporate communications and marketing, working for both very large global companies and small startups. He's obtained press coverage during his career in such top-tier media as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CNBC-TV, CNN, Financial Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Business Week/Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Barrons and National Public Radio. An exceptional, polished writer, he’s had op-eds and articles published under his own name and ghostwritten in such prominent media as The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today, as well as in trade publications.
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