The Brevity Group Cracks the Code in Saving Homes

The Brevity Group is a professional team of experts leveraging banks into fair negotiation terms.

Sheridan, WY, February 21, 2019 --( The Brevity Group LLC is a team of innovative professionals that have certainly cracked the code when it comes to leveraging mortgage lenders into negotiating fair terms.

Their impressive Escalation Program is quite unique as their method pierces through lenders conventional process. This forces the lender to negotiate and assign a single point of contact at their executive level instead of entrusting their loss mitigation department team members to assist and determine approvals/denials for foreclosure assistance.

When homeowner’s fall behind on mortgage payments, loss mitigation departments oversee and assist those in need of help. Unfortunately, this seems to be a convoluted process as homeowners are passed from one person to another in an unorganized fashion as if all ethics were abandoned at the front door.

Over the last decade, homeowners in default have grown frustrated with loss mitigation departments and realized it was time to reach out to professional organizations for help. Unfortunately, loan modification companies, legal entities/attorneys and private assistance firms are faced with the same lender obstacles.

The Brevity Group’s Escalation Program service has been considered unconventional warfare. They assess one’s situation, determine whether there’s merit, then put together an intricate product that is personally tailored to their client’s situation.

Their process is very meticulous since there is only one shot at involving state and federal regulators to escalate each client’s case. Each lender/investor are at the mercy of a select party of regulatory agencies that will communicate to execute results as they are in position of accountability.

Brevity's product was not born overnight, it took years of trial and error to create their formula, but the byproduct is an innovative service that produces results.

When it comes to the default era there are no other companies that can force the banks into negotiations which is why The Brevity Group has been praised for their out of the box and extreme strategies.

The Brevity Group is not shy about sharing their client experiences and they shouldn’t be. Click the following link to listen firsthand, the success and appreciation of proud client stories:

If you are having trouble making mortgage payments, call The Brevity Group at: 1-877-811-9671
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