Horizon Fuel Cell Targets Proven US Market for Material Handling

Horizon leverages industry-leading Fuel Cell cost position to enter proven US market for Material Handling applications.

Dallas, TX, February 27, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has entered into a definitive agreement to establish Horizon Material Handling LLC in the USA, together with Dallas based Off Grid Logistics. The initial focus is on smaller forklift systems, while the longer-term plan includes large lift-trucks and heavy port equipment.

Fuel cell technology is proven to deliver significant benefits to warehouse operators, delivering lower total cost of ownership than traditional battery-driven material handling equipment, while improving performance at the same time. Two and three shift warehouse operators have the most to gain.

Large retailers and distribution centers in the US are increasing fleets of fuel cell forklifts and lift trucks; with major investments made by Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and other household names. As a leading global supplier of air-cooled fuel cells, Horizon immediately represents an attractive alternative for Class II and III forklift systems.

Fuel cells improve productivity of warehouse operations through reduced cost of operating and maintaining forklift equipment, avoidance of lost-time injuries and the elimination of “charging stations” for battery based equipment.

Refueling equipment with hydrogen is simple, quick and safe (similar to filling a car with gas). Large warehouse operators can reduce “well-to-wheels” greenhouse gas emissions by more than 80 percent with the move to fuel cells.

Since fuel cells are zero emission while operating, it's no surprise that air polluting, heavy port equipment is next in line for a move to fuel cell technology, and major players in this sector are evaluating the use of high power, liquid cooled fuel cell systems.

Already active in supplying fuel cells for zero emission buses and delivery trucks in China, Horizon sees material handling as an important long-term market, both for warehouse and port operations. Horizon is growing in key verticals by partnering with seasoned professionals around the world, and hence the connection to Off Grid Logistics, with their executives' four decades in material handling.

Ray Gwin, CEO of Off Grid Logistics, cites the broad and competitive range of Horizon fuel cell stacks as the reason to partner with Horizon, “We were amazed by the Horizon capability in fuel cell stacks and systems. Before talking to Horizon, I didn't know there were companies with such vertical integration in fuel cells. We are delighted Horizon has chosen to partner with us to enter these large US markets.”

“Horizon has an opportunity to leverage our strong technology position in applications where the productivity and environmental gains from deploying fuel cell systems is highly valued, and we are delighted the market is so receptive,” said George Gu, Horizon CEO.

About Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies:
Horizon is a world leader in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell systems, with a wide range of Fuel Cells in both air and liquid-cooled designs, offering modules delivering up to 100kW net output. Horizon has recently commenced production and testing at their new PEM Fuel Cell manufacturing facility in Rugao, China, with stack capacity of 30MW per year.

About Off Grid Logistics:
For over 40 years Off Grid Logistics executives have been serving the U.S. material handling market, and are now devoted to the transition towards clean-energy infrastructure based on hydrogen. Off Grid Logistics sees large institutions like grocery companies, big-box retailers and manufacturers replacing their entire forklift and other equipment fleets with hydrogen systems.

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